The myth of multitasking

This is with reference to the cover story “The myth of multitasking” by Kamal Ahmed Qureshi, (YW, December 19). I agree with the writer that multitasking decreases the quality of work and puts unnecessary pressure on the mind.

In order to do multiple things at a time, the brain needs to focus and process information, which affects productivity. Multitasking physically could be fine, but it’s hard for a brain to handle it. Studying and scrolling or watching TV at the same time with equal concentration is not possible. Multitasking can increase the quantity of work we accomplish at the same time, but decreases the quality of each work.

Maryam Arshad,


Stop cutting the trees

The world is facing the most challenging times with the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, we were already facing global warming and it is quite sad to see that people have just become so careless and selfish that they hardly care about others, the world and the future generations.

There are many problems, one of which is deforestation. Instead of planting more trees in public places, roadsides, etc., people just seem to ignore the importance of trees and cut them without any regret, and construct houses and buildings. It is my request to the young readers to participate in planting trees wherever you are living, as this way global warming can be controlled and our environment will be healthy.

Muhammad Nawaz,


Who’s the dumb one?

This is with reference to the story “Who’s the dumb one?” by Muhammad Ibrahim Shafi, (YW, December 19). I found this story very interesting and with strong message about being over-confident. It taught us about the benefits of using our wisdom and intelligence in doing our daily chores.

Wisdom comes from experiences. A smart person knows what to say, but a wise person knows whether or not to say it.

Muqaddas Tooba Mangi,


Holes in the fence

This is with reference to the story “Holes in the fence” by Muhammad Qasim Shafi (YW, December 19).

The story was quite exemplary for those who are bad-tempered and become angry on small issues.

After reading the story, I decided to always control my anger and stay calm because anger could result in disaster and it is better to be silent than be angry.

Izhar Hussain,


Published in Dawn, Young World, January 23rd, 2021


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