Women’s education

21 Nov 2020


NO nation can progress by keeping women in the dark. With 52 per cent of Pakistan’s population comprising women, the country needs to do more in order to make the most of the resources it has at its disposal. Educated women play an instrumental role in the development and growth of society.

Women can make our country’s institutions stronger. The nation needs to accept the fact that women are also human beings and should not be treated as inferior beings. We also need to encourage our women to participate in all nation-building activities along with men.

To ensure a higher literacy rate in women, an immediate national campaign needs to be launched. This can be done by building educational institutions exclusively for them.

Furthermore, the laws made for women’s protection and rights need to be implemented in their true spirit. Our nation will only achieve prosperity when women are accorded their due status.

Tabraiz Baloch


Published in Dawn, November 21st, 2020