The is with reference to the recipe “Sausage flowers” by Aamnah Arshad, in the Cook-it-yourself section of YW, on September 26). Sausages can be used in many ways but the way it has been used in this recipe is very different and nice. This section is very useful as it shows us in easy steps to make delicious food. After reading this recipe, my sister made it and it was so delicious and easy to make.

I really appreciate the YW team members and the writer for bringing us nice recipes. Many of us who had little to do in these lockdown months were able to try them and I look forward to more delicious recipes in the future too.

Imran Sattar,


Feeling good about yourself

I appreciate the work of the Young World magazine team for bringing to us nice articles to read on very different topics. In particular, I really liked the article “Feeling good about yourself” by Fouzia Nasir Ahmad (YW, 03, October, 2020). It focused on the common situations where we end up feeling bad about ourselves after listening to others say mean things.

Usually, when someone gets admission in a new school, college or university he/she has to face this issue by most seniors and also sometimes from their classmates. The writer sends the right message that we should ignore these bad comments and look at the blessings given to us ,to boost our self-esteem.

Iqra Gulzar,


Keep safe, stop the spread

With the schools and colleges now open, I urge everyone who now has to go out for studies to be extra careful as the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. Things are reopening simply because life has to go on and we need to learn to live in a new normal where social distancing, masks and hygiene need to become our habits and part of life.

The chances of infection are still high, therefore, I request everyone who has even the slightest of symptoms of illness to take care to stay home and not infect others, wear masks and avoid touching surfaces needlessly. To curb the spread of this virus, those who know they can spread it to others need to take more care because many times people know they are not feeling well but still they go to their offices or other places and end up spreading this infection.

The arrival of winter can also see a spike in cases of Covid-19, so there is need for us all to be extra careful.

I hope there is no resurgence of cases and the educational institutes can continue functioning smoothly and our studies can go on.

Fabiha Ahmed,


Published in Dawn, Young World, October 24th, 2020