ISLAMABAD: Covid 19 cases are constantly emerging in educational institutions in the federal capital as Islamabad Model College for Boys G-10/4 was sealed on Friday.

Three private schools in various parts of the capital and a girls college in G-10/2 were sealed due to Covid-19 cases on Thursday.

An official of the education ministry said so far 32 schools and colleges in Islamabad (both public and private) have been sealed due to positive cases.

He said around 23,000 staffers and students of educational institutions were tested and 72 of them were found infected with the virus.

The official said the positive cases emerged even though schools and colleges have been taking steps to implement the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“Overall, the situation is under control, but we will have to take more measures,” the official said.

Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) was also closed down a few days ago because of a few positive cases there. The building will be reopened on Monday.


As many as 16 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Rawalpindi on Friday while 15 patients were discharged after recovery from the disease.

Rawalpindi district has reported 7,277 confirmed cases so far with 300 deaths and 6,793 recoveries recorded by the health authorities.

Another 171 patients have been isolated in their homes while heath authority’s 10 home isolation committees have been visiting the patients. The local administration has quarantined 653 people.

There were 22 suspected cases reported to the health authorities on Friday, taking the number of suspected patients to 9,162 since March.

Moreover, 300 people have died of the disease in Rawalpindi, 20 in Attock, 39 in Chakwal and nine in Jhelum. And there were 8,144 recoveries – 6,793 in Rawalpindi, 612 in Attock, 468 in Jhelum and 253 in Chakwal.

Published in Dawn, October 17th, 2020