Sectarian imbroglio

26 Sep 2020


ONCE again, there is a threat to sectarian peace and the key performers, as always, are our religious zealots at both ends. Undeniably, there are black sheep in every segment of society.

However, the takfiri slogans chanted by scores of individuals in the recent rallies in Karachi and Islamabad were quite alarming, yet they fell on the deaf ears of those in higher echelons of power.

Similarly, on the social media, the ‘keyboard clerics’ further stoked the embers of hate and sectarian violence, but the authorities did not take any action against such elements. Are they waiting for a tragedy to take place?

About 40 Shia clerics have been charged with blasphemy, and given our past track record of blasphemy cases, a self-claimed ghazi might be in the offing. We cannot afford that to happen.

The authorities have a herculean task to undertake before it is late. A viable option is to bring the religious scholars of both sects on the table and pave the way for peace and love.

Islam is the religion of peace and love, and it must not be misused by anyone, irrespective of the sect. Let’s give peace a chance.

Hassan Abbas


Published in Dawn, September 26th, 2020