Experts advise against eating too much meat

Updated 02 Aug 2020


People should eat yogurt and fruits along with meat, says doctor. — Dawn/File
People should eat yogurt and fruits along with meat, says doctor. — Dawn/File

ISLAMABAD: Health experts have advised people to avoid eating too much meat during Eidul Azha, to avoid complications.

Otherwise, they will need to visit the hospital where chances of contracting Covid-19 are high, they added.

A gastroenterologist from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) Dr Wasim Khuwaja, told Dawn, that every year on the Eidul Azha, a number of people visit the hospital, complaining about stomach issues.

“During Eidul Fitr, we get fewer patients but on Eidul Azha we get a large number of patients because they consume too much meat. Even people, who do not eat red meat because of high blood pressure or other reasons, start eating it because it is free. People also develop cholesterol problems because of eating meat from aged animals. A person should not eat more than 70g of meat in a day; unfortunately on Eidul Azha, people start eating meat without salad, vegetables or bread. They eat barbecues, which leads to constipation and stomach issues,” he said.

“People should eat yogurt and fruits along with meat. Some people use animal fat as oil which is unhygienic. Vegetable oil should be used for cooking. People should avoid eating all dishes made of meat as an excess of anything is injurious to health,” he said, adding that people should also ensure that barbecues are fully cooked, as half cooked meat takes much more time to digest.

Published in Dawn, August 1st, 2020