LAHORE: The Central Government is likely to set up a commission to go into the question of distribution of river waters between Sind and Punjab and make necessary recommendations. Stating this in an airport interview this morning [July 30], the Governor of Punjab, Lt-Gen Attiqur Rahman said the Central Government had taken cognisance of the question and since the matter involved two Provinces the only alternative was that it should be referred to a third party.

Asked if the Akhtar Hussain Report on the subject was to be rejected, he said: “Not necessarily”. He was of the opinion that the report might provide some basic data for seeking a solution to the problem but ultimately it would be decided by a third party. Till then the status quo would be maintained and the water would be distributed under the existing arrangements.

Asked about the agenda of the Governors’ meeting, he said it would discuss the problems left over by the dissolution of the Province of West Pakistan. It may consider transfer of Police officials. Asked if the question of division of assets and liabilities would also come up in the conference, he said the matter was being tackled by a statutory body set up by the Centre.

Published in Dawn, July 31st, 2020