Fake allotment of plots in D-13, I-12 yet to be cancelled

Published July 21, 2020
CDA itself detected allotment of 15 plots which were made on the basis of forged documents. — Dawn/File
CDA itself detected allotment of 15 plots which were made on the basis of forged documents. — Dawn/File

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has yet to cancel fake allotment of plots in D-13 and I-12.

A few months ago, the civic agency itself detected a number of fake allotments in D-13 and I-12. Plots in prime locations, such as on double roads, were allotted on the basis of forged documents and fake signatures.

Sources said that around 15 plots in these sectors were allotted on the basis of forged documents and then, in connivance with some officials of the land directorate and the one-window operation, they were further transferred.

However, when files of the plots were again moved by the land mafia for no-demand certificates (NDC), which are a prerequisite for further transfers, the CDA declared the files fake and bogus.

CDA itself detected allotment of 15 plots which were made on the basis of forged documents

But since then no step has been taken to issue cancellation orders of the bogus files.

“One plot on double roads in D-13 is worth Rs11 million but it seems no one is protecting the CDA’s rights,” said an official from the authority, adding that all the bogus files were available with the one-window operation and the land directorate but the officers concerned only made hollow claims about stopping fake allotments.

“The files of bogus allotments, with complete details of plots numbers and the names of allottees, are being moved from one office to another for cancellation,” he alleged.

He said some officials from the land directorate who played a role in the allotments were behind the delay in the cancellation of the plots.

Another official said the allotments should have been cancelled on the very first day that the illegalities were detected. When contacted, CDA spokesperson Mazhar Hussain confirmed that the plot allotments were fake.

Asked why the CDA was sitting on the files, he said: “We took time to reach the truth and now it has been established that the allotments in D-13 and I-12 were made on the basis of fake signatures. Now we are going to cancel the plots.”

He said the CDA management had been taking action against those involved in alleged wrongdoings in the land directorate as six officials were recently suspended for issuing illegal NDCs for allotments of plots in I-11.

“It would not be fair to say we are keeping quiet on the fake allotment cases. Let me assure you, the fake allotments cases will be withdrawn soon,” he added.

A CDA officer said the land and security directorates, revenue office and the records of the one-window operation showed that the allotments were made on the basis of fake signatures.

He said CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed should look into the issue and take action against those who were protecting the fake allotments. Meanwhile, sources said there were also allegations that fake allotments had been made in I-11 in a fraudulent manner.

However, another officer said it would be too early to say whether fake appointments have been made in the sector.

“We are looking into the matter and in a few days things will be clearer,” he added.

Published in Dawn, July 21st, 2020



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