Balochistan’s efforts against Covid-19 praised

Updated 02 Jul 2020


Smart lockdown extended till 15th. — AFP/File
Smart lockdown extended till 15th. — AFP/File

QUETTA: A delegation of the Medical Frequency Centre Pakistan (MFCP) called on Sports Secretary Imran Gichki, who also heads the Balochistan Command and Operation Centre, on Wednesday.

During the meeting, MFCP chief executive officer Dr Mohammad Khalid appreciated the efforts of the command and operation centre to contain coronavirus cases.

Matters related to preventive measures to stop Covid-19 from spreading in the province and to introduce bio-resonance technology were discussed.

Dr Khalid informed Mr Gichki that bio-resonance technology was introduced in 1977 in Germany. He said bio-resonance is a type of therapy used in holistic or complementary medicine.

It uses a machine to measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body. Those measures are then used to diagnose the disease. Promoters say it can also cure certain diseases.

Smart lockdown extended till 15th

However, there is no sound scientific evidence that bio-resonance has a role in diagnosing or treating disease. Bio-resonance is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves due to DNA damage.

Proponents of bio-resonance believe that detection of these waves could be used to diagnose disease, while changing these waves back to their normal frequency will treat the disease. To use bio-resonance, electrodes are placed on the skin and hooked up to a machine that ‘reads’ the energy wavelengths coming from the body. This is the process of diagnosis.

Meanwhile, the Balochistan government has extended the smart lockdown in the province for another 15 days.

According to a notification issued by the home department on Tuesday night, the smart lockdown will continue till July 15 as coronavirus cases were continuing to be reported in the province. The notification said in view of spread of coronavirus and escalating rate of its cases, the government has extended the lockdown in the province for another 15 days.

During the lockdown, there shall be a complete ban on gathering of ten or more people, sit-in and processions/rallies. Persons coming out in public places will have to wear a mask, or any other clothing piece.

It further said that tandoor, dairy products shops, medical stores, blood banks and tailoring shops would remain open round the clock.

Restaurants and hotels would also be allowed to be open 24 hours only for home delivery and takeaway service.

Educational institutions, cinemas, farmhouses, wedding halls, picnic points across the province will remain closed till July 15, while a ban on gatherings of ten or more people, sit-ins, rallies, double rides and restrictions on social, political and religious ceremonies will remain in place.

All shopping malls, markets and shops will function from 9am to 7pm from Saturday to Thursday. Businesses will remain closed on Friday.

Published in Dawn, July 2nd, 2020