Neglected Hyderabad

June 30, 2020


HYDERABAD is the second biggest city of Sindh, and its cultural and spiritual hub. It is strategically located at a junction which links Sindh’s interior with the rest of the country. The city has seen better days. Its railway station is dilapidated, the airport is closed and there are encroachments in every nook and corner of the city. Many of the main roads need repairs and garbage dumps are full of filth which attract stray dogs, cats and are a breeding place for rats. Over all, the city wears a look of neglect.

The industrial estates in Hyderabad have many industries, prominent among them are glass bangles, cotton waste, tin /can manufacturing , lube oil, pharmaceuticals, biscuit and confectionery manufacturers, PVC and RCC pipe making etc.

Owing to the vast agricultural land in Hyderabad’s vicinity many rice and lentil mills besides cold storages are also located here. Besides, there are several private and government institutions in Hyderabad that provide employment to thousands of people.

The Federal Board of Revenue released a list of 150 taxpaying citizens in February 2019 who had paid the highest taxes for the tax year, of which only two were residents of Hyderabad.

Last year Prime Minister Khan had announced the setting up of a university in Hyderabad. Unfortunately the inauguration session of the university was held in Islamabad. Need one say more on the sad state of affairs in the city?

Ateeq Muhammad Qureshi

Published in Dawn, June 30th, 2020