LAHORE: Maulana Abul Ala Maudoodi, Amir of Jamaat-i-Islami, today [June 26] expressed concern over the food situation in East Pakistan which, he said, was deteriorating to an alarming degree.

In a Press statement, he said although some natural causes like floods and drought “too are contributing to this state of affairs, but the inefficiency and almost criminal inefficiency of the authorities concerned is no less responsible for this calamity”. The Maulana said the people of East Pakistan had long been demanding that some East Pakistani expert should be appointed at least the Deputy Chairman of the National Planning and Development, but no heed has so far been paid to this reasonable demand of theirs. He added “not only the people are dissatisfied with planning of development projects and schemes chalked out for East Pakistan they see that almost half of the sum allocated to development schemes in East Pakistan reverts back unexpended”.

[Meanwhile, as reported by an agency in Islamabad,] Two Indian nationals — Madanial and Kirshna — have been sentenced to death on charge of spying, it was officially learnt here today [June 26]. They were apprehended in Sialkot area after the 1965 War and were charged under the Enemy Agents Ordinance for spying for a foreign Power.

Published in Dawn, June 27th, 2020