It is just a false notion that mothers are considered more special than fathers, or that Mother’s Day is given more importance than Father’s Day. I think that we just tend to talk more about mothers and show more affection for them because they are more expressive than fathers.

We all love our fathers no less and they play a very important in role in our lives, just as mothers do. They both complete us in different ways, fulfilling our different needs in their own very different styles.

So today, instead of recounting all that our fathers do for us or how much we love them, let us have a light-hearted look at the different kinds of dads there are. Each father has a different personality, as do children, so every father has his own style of parenting, either based on his own childhood experience, or his beliefs and dreams for his children.

Here are a few kinds of dads that we see around us, but there are so many other ones, each very special in his own way, who have been left out from this list. And, just to make it clear again, this is just a humorous way of looking at a person who is very special and dear to all of us, and this is a heart-felt tribute to him.

A very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Illustration by Ahmed Amin
Illustration by Ahmed Amin

The fix-it-all dad

This father believes he can fix everything around the house — he is plumber, electrician and technician all rolled into one. And he gets offended when offered help.

He will have a trunk-load of tools, some he can’t even use well, but bought in case he needs it one day. He will insist on fixing the tap, the door and even the car, and will probably succeed because he grew up in a time when handymen were not called for every small thing or he learnt to do it from his own father.

Hang around him enough and you will learn a few tricks yourself that will come to your rescue at some point in life. If not, you can always impress your friends with how much you can do yourself.

With him around, you don’t need a better friend for he will always be there to put together a new toy and fix any problem you are having with your bike or car.

But sometimes, the handyman dad can’t do it all, and he doesn’t like to accept that, and then he will go on trying to connect the wires until everything is a jumbled up mess and a spark has turned off the whole house’s electricity. Only then he will agree to call a real electrician, around whom he will hover, and then claim that he could have done it himself if he had been allowed to continue.

The techno dad

This is a man who spent all his time playing video games until the kids arrived and now he spends all his time on his smartphone or laptop, mixing work with the pleasure of social media.

He is the most active member of the family chat groups, and has an account on anything that requires you to make an account on. He will upgrade his gadgets faster than digital companies can launch new models, and he will be the one to save you from being scolded for burying your nose in your iPad at the dining table because he would be engrossed in his own phone screen too!

The best part about the techno dad, who can also be called the gadget dad, is that you can be rest assured about getting upgrades on toys and gadgets because he would be doing so and would not consider it a waste of money like other fathers.

The coach

This is a sports fan who probably couldn’t make it big as a sportsman and now wants his kids not to miss out on their chance. He will know all there is to know about any sports and will spend happy hours having chips while watching sports on TV with you.

But he will also require you to be a part of your school sports team and will become your personal coach. He will seem a bit commanding for he will expect you to give your best to all you do, take care of your fitness and follow a healthy routine. He will not let you be lazy or take any short cuts, but he will also be your biggest fan and cheerleader, even if it is the smallest of accomplishments.

The overprotective dad

His life revolves around his family and children. He is overprotective and sees threats when there are none. He will pick and drop you everywhere, meet all your needs (even when there was no need) and keep calling or texting you to check if you are fine.

He is the one who is always there at the end of the slide in the park to catch you as you slide down. He will be around when you are biking just to make sure you don’t fall and hurt yourself. He will check out all the toys before buying to satisfy himself that it is not harmful in any way.

He knows all your friends and where they live, and he wants to know all that you are doing with your life. With him, you will really not have to worry about much, for he will take care of everything, but then you will end up lost when you are on your own.

He has read every book on parenting and keeps up with the latest research on the harmful effects of everything under the sun and beyond. You need to be patient with him because he is just worried about you out of his love for you. In time, when he learns that you can take care of yourself, he will let go of hovering over you all the time, but it won’t be easy for him.

The super dad

This father takes parenting very seriously and there is no aspect of it that he falls short on. You name it and he does it.

He knows everything about the children’s academics, goes to every parent teacher meeting, can help out in the homework of all subjects, spends time with the kids each night as he reads a storybook to them and puts them to sleep. In fact, he can even cook up the favourite fries or pasta if the kids ask him.

The super dad is a role model of parental responsibility, and he doesn’t let his day job come in the way. The best part is, he will also be always ready to lend an ear to your problems and in him you will always have a best friend, who will not scold you if you make a mistake, but will help you in correcting it.

The trendy dad

The trendy dad keeps up with changing times and knows about all the latest trends. He will probably have a sports bike or car.

With him, you can sit together and listen to the latest hip hop music, gossip about celebrities and trust him to let you buy an over-expensive ripped jeans because he knows all about the newest fashion.

You will feel proud of having such a ‘cool’ dad and would show him off to your friends.

The old-fashioned dad

This one does everything the trendy dad would never be seen doing.

He is so comfortable in himself that he has been that way for years. He hates change and thinks fashion is just something businesses promote to make money.

He has his favourite watch that he got when he started university or he bought from his first paycheck and still wears it with pride. He still drives the very first car that he bought, or still keeps the scooter that’s been in the family before he was born and rides it on weekends.

He has had the same tailor for years who has been stitching the same kinds of clothes for him forever. He prefers comfort over style and that’s why he is in his pyjamas at home and can wear slippers to any outing.

But he is the most satisfied person you can come across because he is very comfortable, and confident, in himself. You may feel self-conscious with him around, but if you too stop looking at the world through the lens of trends, you will become as confident as he is.

He doesn’t seek appreciation and doesn’t need it to thrive. He believes in character and actions, things that are long-lasting, just as his watch and scooter.

The workaholic dad

This dad is so consumed by his work that he has to be reminded of birthdays. He is never sure which class you are studying in and so doesn’t know all your grades, which means you don’t get scolded when you don’t do well.

He comes home late from work and brings home whatever work is left. The poor guy is mostly tired, but chances are that you are well-provided for and have all the luxuries you need. When he does get some time to spend with the family, you all have a lot of fun.

He is, however, the best guy to go to for some advice, especially related to studies and career. He will be a man of few words and therefore not pushy, so take what he says seriously. Sometimes, he will also let you make your own decisions and mistakes, for he knows that the best way to learn is through experience.

The emotional dad

This one cries while watching a sad scene in a movie or drama, panics when you hurt yourself and laughs the loudest at jokes.

The emotional dad has been raised in a household where boys were not told to hide their emotions so as not to appear weak. He is expressive and forms strong bonds with his family and doesn’t shy away from giving the biggest hug.

As you grow older, you will have to the emotional bond with him because he isn’t going to take your need for space, especially as a young adult, very easily. You will remain a child to him forever.

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 20th, 2020



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