Passengers’ rights

Jun 06 2020


THIS refers to ambiguous statement by PIA’s chief executive officer on the issue of compensation for the families of air crash victims and third parties who were injured or killed.

PIA’s management has failed to mention the amount of insurance available for passengers and third parties. The government, on the other hand, has simply announced a compensation of a few hundred thousand rupees for the passengers of the ill-fated Airbus, whereas each passenger of AirBlue tragedy received over Rs5 million through insurance cover.

PIA is under obligation to disclose the details of the insurance money for the victims and ensure its timely disbursement.

The public should know that in case negligence by PIA/CAA is proved, victims or their families will be well within their rights to claim more for their physical and mental trauma.

For once the government and its agencies should get out of charity-seeking or charity-giving mode and start talking of rights and obligations.

Tahir Ahmed


Published in Dawn, June 6th, 2020