Ray of hope

30 Mar 2020


THE coronavirus pandemic has spread panic among people of the world’s most advanced nations.

Recently, I happened to watch a video of an American state where scores of people were lined up outside a gun store to buy arms. Upon being questioned, they expressed their fear of food shortages in near future leading to a civil war for survival. It was shocking to see such state of affairs in the most powerful country of the world. After watching this clip I pondered on what is happening in our Pakistan and heaved a sigh of relief. I realised that the situation in our homeland can never become so dire.

What is inspiring is the philanthropic nature of our people who will not let any person go hungry. One of the most admirable things about Pakistanis is that they are among the most giving people in the world. In the present circumstances thousands of people in individual capacity and many welfare organisations have come forward to help the needy.

My optimism is further augmented as the holy month of Ramazan is round the corner and likely to begin on April 25. With the beginning of Ramazan, a majority of Pakistanis go into overdrive with their Good Samaritan act.

Let us all remember that resources belong to society. This is the time for the nation to come forward and help our brethren in need, especially those working on daily wages.

Bilal Amin

Published in Dawn, March 30th, 2020