A DECISION by the Sindh government to downgrade B. Tech and diploma-holding engineers is an insult to these professionals.

The provincial government, without examining the pros and cons of the matter, accepted a contention by the Pakistan Engineering Council that the holders of B. Tech degrees and diplomas do not deserve to be recognised as engineers. The Sindh government even ignored the Supreme Court and Sindh High Court verdicts in the matter to accommodate the PEC demands.

The Supreme Court in its verdict given on Oct 3, 2018, had dismissed an appeal by a BE engineer, challenging a judgment of the Services Tribunal which had overturned the Sindh government’s move to undo the appointment of B. Tech and diploma engineers against BS18 posts.

The Sindh government misinterpreted an observation by the apex court that the authorities should not allow a person to perform “professional engineering tasks” who do not possess an accredited qualification from a recognized institution.

The court, however, placed no bar on the appointment of B. Tech and diploma engineers to positions in BS17 and above.

The Sindh government is requested to reverse its decision to demote B. Tech and diploma engineers.

Syed Abid Hussain Bukhari
Pakistan B. Tech Engineers Association

Published in Dawn, February 14th, 2020