PMA: packed milk

06 Feb 2020


APROPOS the letter ‘Fresh milk bacteria’ (Jan 29). If milk or water is boiled for one minute in Karachi or three minutes in mountainous areas like Murree, practically it becomes free of disease-causing bacteria and viruses and is safe for human consumption.

In the event a citizen is still doubtful that disease causing germs are still present in the milk, the boiling time may be increased by a few minutes more. This is one of the cheapest and surest techniques of ensuring the milk is safe for human consumption. We should not be discouraged as shown by certain advertisements being aired these days.

Dr Nasrullah Malik



THIS is apropos the news item ‘PMA demands end to raw milk sale by 2022’ (Jan 16). According to doctors who are sincere to their profession, pasteurised milk is harmful to human consumption.

It is hard on stomach and takes several hours in digestion, thereby gradually weakening the organs. A disease spread by bacteria can easily be controlled. But the organ once damaged is irreversible.

Why do some doctors emphasise only on homogenised and pasteurised milk? Why not focus on various harmful chemicals that are added to milk? Why does not the PMA talk on the hormonal injections?

How many diseases are milk-borne? The major cause of spread of various diseases in Sindh is contaminated water, garbage, pollution and poor sanitary conditions. The PMA doesn’t seem to be bothered about that.

Rubina Jan


Published in Dawn, February 6th, 2020