PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is set to introduce heavy fines for littering and sanitation and sewerage offences in tourist destinations of Galiyat area by amending the law to keep such places clean and preserve their environment.

The government has prepared the Galiyat Development Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2020, which is scheduled to be tabled in the provincial assembly on Monday.

Through the proposed law, the government intends to make drastic changes to the Galiyat Development Authority Act, 2016, and incorporate a schedule of offences and fines in the law. It is meant to declare littering an offence punishable by a fine of Rs5,000.

The said schedule carries 38 offences some of which will be punishable by a fine up to Rs1 million. Any violation of the sewerage and sanitation regulations will be punishable by a fine from Rs10,000 to Rs1 million.

The authorities had introduced nominal fines in Galiyat areas in the last summer season without legal backing.

Govt to table bill for purpose in PA tomorrow

Now, the government has decided to impose heavy fines in an attempt to discourage visitors from littering and other activities, which threaten environment.

The offences mentioned in the amendments will be cognisable and non-bailable.

The amended law defines littering as all waste material, refuse, cans, bottles, garbage, trash, debris, dead animals or other discarded materials of every kind and description which are hazardous to environment.

For the first time, such heavy fines have been suggested in the province to keep tourist places clean.

Section 28 (1) of the amended law says where an officer of the authority, authorized by the director general, is of the opinion that any person, who contravenes the provision of this act, relating to offences as specified in the schedule, appended to this act, shall charge the accuse by issuing a ticket, in the form as specified by authority, for payment of fine, as provided in the schedule.

The amended law will empower the authorised officer to impose fine of Rs10,000 to Rs1 million on sewerage, sanitation and other violations in the jurisdiction of Galiyat.

The bill suggest Rs3,000 fine on loud playing of music or radio, beating of drum or tom-tom, blowing, a horn or beating or sounding instruments or utensils in contravention of any general or special prohibition issued by the authority or a hospital or an educational institution.

The fine imposed on slaughtering of animals for the sale of meat at a place other than the place set a part for the purpose is Rs12,000. Keeping ferocious dogs or other animals in residential area or taking such animals to public places or the areas specified by the authority, without leash or chain and without being muzzled or set at large any animal or dog infected with rabies or any other infectious disease has been declared an offence, while the fine fixed for it is Rs2,000.

The bill proposes Rs50,000 fine for obstructing or tampering with any main pipe, meter or any apparatus or appliance for the supply of water or sewerage system. Similarly, a fine of Rs500,000 will be imposed on illegal installation or alteration of the water supply line in the area. The bill also proposes Rs25,000 fine on the non-disposal of building materials and debris, Rs20,000 on construction of illegal speed breaker on public roads and streets and Rs3,000 on loud shouting in abusive language causing distress to the inhabitants of the neighborhood or village or any other public place.

The government is also likely to introduce the Kaghan Development Authority Bill, 2020, in the assembly on Monday with an aim to develop Kaghan valley and other adjacent areas of Mansehra district.

Published in Dawn, January 26th, 2020