Illegal gas compressors

January 22, 2020


GAS loadshedding and low gas pressure are great problems in different areas of Karachi these days and have been exacerbated by the cold wave. Many people are installing and using gas compressors to deal with the problem but this impinges and violates the rights of other citizens.

It is unlawful to use gas compressors as it provides gas to a few at the cost of an entire neighborhood. There should be a secure format to lodge complaints in this respect. At present to lodge a complaint, the Sui Southern Gas Company helpline — 1199 — requires the name and complete address of the complainant and the person indulging in the unlawful act.

This makes the task more daunting in the absence of confidentiality as it creates problems for the complainant. The irrational demand of complete address by SSGC discourages the deprived person to lodge a complaint for their right. The SSGC authorities can determine whether a consumer is using a gas compressor by monitoring the customer’s gas meter.

Despite the fact, the usage of gas compressor is not only illegal but also dangerous for human lives. It appears that SSGC has cold shoulders for this issue if their irrational requirements are not fulfilled and their system facilitates this crime further. In this scenario it is the responsibility of SSGC to take strict action against consumers for this unlawful activity and to take effective measures to reduce the unlawful usage of gas.

Amreen Rao

Published in Dawn, January 22nd, 2020