AHMEDABAD: Mr. Jinnah in an address to the Sir Lallubhai Shah Law College Union today [Jan 17], advised the students that they should maintain their honour, integrity, tradition and the etiquette of the Bar and remember that they belonged to an honourable profession.

“Money is not everything and it should not make us depart from our traditions and principles,” he said. Success in the legal profession attended only those who persevered, worked hard, were determined, industrious and above all had a natural aptitude for the work.

Mr. Jinnah referred to his early struggle in the Bar, where, he said, after enrolment for three years he got not a single brief. He warned the students that they should be prepared for such disappointments...

When he joined the Bar in Bombay, Mr. Jinnah said, there was a powerful body of English Counsels who, coupled with the solicitors’ system, made it impossible for any Indian to break the ring. The position today, however, was entirely different. Advising the students to strictly conform to the ethics of the profession, Mr. Jinnah said “this is a great profession and not a grocer’s shop. You own an obligation to yourself, your people and the client who pays you. You are not there to squeeze money and bargain…”

Published in Dawn, January 19th, 2020