LAHORE: The city is expected to have another spell of foggy weather for next few days, following strong Monday rain, which caused dense mist and 23 millimeter to Lahore and brought temperature down by six degree Celsius.

According to weather officials, fog will be thick on Tuesday but start weakening slowly from next day and clear in next few days. The rain-producing system is expected to clear by Wednesday morning, giving way to fog.

“We were expecting rain spell to stay for better part of Tuesday but strong wind, which blew at 37 kilometer per hour, on Monday caused early clearance of clouds,” says one of the officials of the Met department. The cloud cover would stay but no rain is expected tomorrow (Tuesday).

The Met office, however, is expecting third rain spell of the month (January) between 16th and 20th. It is too early to predict how much rain it could produce as it was still far off: Nevertheless, it is developing and would arrive on 16th of this month.

It can certainly bring four-day cloud cover to city and province and produce rains, especially in the last days, he said.

Because of current spell of rain, temperature would start dropping further in next 12 hours. Even on Monday, maximum mercury was recorded 12 degrees Celsius – five degree Celsius less than a day earlier. The minimum temperature on Monday was 9.8 degrees Celsius, almost wiping out difference between the both.

The visibility also stayed poor for the better part of Monday, as mist decent on the city reducing visibility to one kilometer during the day; it though improved to three kilometers by the evening.

The visibility problem would persist for the next few days because fog will replace mist, says another official of the Met office.

Published in Dawn, January 14th, 2020