Think before you speak

This is with reference to the article “Think before you speak” by Ayesha Ilyas, (YW, November 9, 2019).

I found the article inspiring and motivating. The writer said that the tongue is a good servant but a terrible master, but I think this terrible master can be the source of salvation for us if we use it to say the word ‘sorry’.

This word can mend even broken hearts. This powerful word is “sorry”. Sorry means the acceptance of what you have done mistakenly, or unconsciously.

Often problems are solved by this word. Making mistakes and apologising is a sign of being human, but making mistakes but no apologising is the sign of the devil. The solution used to correct mistakes or to make someone’s heart happy is to say ‘sorry.

Rozi Mohammad,

A New Year celebration

This is with reference to the story “A New Year celebration”, by Sana Samad (YW, Dec 28 2019).

I appreciate the writer for highlighting the neglect our elders are facing in the modern world today. Everyone seems to be busy in their own activities and many don’t even live with their elders. We mostly give attention and respect to our loved ones on the days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. We have forgotten that they need our love the whole year.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the writer for writing on such a good topic based story and I hope the favourite magazine of mine keeps publishing such meaningful stories in future as well.

Hammal Naeem,

A lesson for life

This refers to story the “A lesson for life” (YW, December 7, 2019) by Huda Fatima Mirza.

In my opinion, it is a big mistake of parents that they allow their children to ride a motorbike. I think their permission can be dangerous for their children. Nowadays, youngsters like to ride bikes very fast and are fearless about consequences of their reckless actions.

Everyone knows that parents always love their children, so they must keep their children away from such a dangerous thing.

Zaid Ahmed Dayo,

Blind trust

This feedback is regarding the story “Blind trust” by Hijab Abbasi (YW, January 4, 2020).

Just because we get our trust broken by someone doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t trust anybody or be doubtful about everyone we meet. Only parents can be trusted blindly because no one can be a better well-wisher in this world than our parents.

Dua Ali Jumani,
Khairpur Mir’s

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 11th, 2020