MURREE: With new gas connections banned across the country on the eve of the new year, Murree locals are bracing for severe weather conditions expected next week.

Light snowfall is expected in Murree on Thursday, Assistant Meteorologist Ghulam Murtaza told Dawn. On Jan 6 and 7, heavy snowfall is expected in Murree, the Galiyat and adjoining areas.

At the same time, new gas connections have been banned while prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petroleum products have also been increased significantly.

The government has banned gas connections while locals are shivering with cold, local businessman Imran Abbasi said.

He added that gas pipelines are being laid in the rural areas of Murree, and it is expected that people who have already submitted their applications will be given connections.

According to the Sui Gas authorities, new gas connections have been banned by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, and so no new connections can be installed.

Inflation will rise with the rise in petroleum products’ prices, said Khani Taak resident Javed Abbasi, who added that the government has taken away the people’s right to live on the eve of the new year.

He said the ruling party has hurt its supporters by increasing the costs of electricity, petroleum, gas and even LPG, adding that the monthly increase in the prices of petroleum products has made the life of the poor difficult.

Many people are facing difficulties because of the recent surge in the prices of LPG cylinders.

Those who are considering giving up the use of such cylinders also have to contend with the increase in the price of wood.

Locals have demanded that the prices of gas cylinders be reduced and that Murree be exempt from the government’s ban on new gas connections.

Published in Dawn, January 2nd, 2020