LARKANA: Speakers at a ceremony for the launch of a poetry book by Mohammad Ali Pathan said that the poet had represented feelings of common man and the dismal conditions he had to grapple with day in and day out for his and his loved ones’ survival.

They said the book, a collection of Sindhi poetry titled Jan jiyan tan pariyan (I’d keep fulfilling my promises as long as I live) launched at the Larkana Press Club on Sunday evening, deeply touched hearts and stirred man into action.

Ahmed Sultan Khoso, poet and Additional Commissioner-I Lark­ana, who presided over the programme, said that Pathan could express himself in all genres of literature with equal ease.

He said that Pathan was a progressive writer and poet who had been contributing with utmost devotion to Sindhi literature for years. He had not only highlighted problems faced by people but also inspired them to brave difficulties of life through his poetry.

Prof Mukhtiar Samo, founder of Knowledge Centre Larkana, said that Pathan could rightly by called a poet of the people for he picked his subjects and inspiration for the poetry from the lives and social conditions of the people around him. The motif of his poetry was emancipation of the downtrodden and the poor from the problems caused by an unequal and unjust society, he said.

Pathan was a prolific writer who had added many books on poetry and prose to the treasure trove of Sindhi literature.

Sarmad Chandio, poet and writer of many books, said that poems in the book had great charm and poetic appeal in them and the verses were a conglomeration of old and new traditions. He had composed lyrics as well as free verse and it was powerful poetry which linked its readers to the history of the land and its people, he said.

Pathan, the author, said that he believed it was his social and intellectual obligation to write for people’s problems. “Whatever I observe I record in my writings, I wish that I could continue it till my last breath.”

Prof Sikandar Abbasi, Prof Jam Jamali, Essa Memon, Prof Rizwan Gul, Ghulam Hussain Katpar and Murtaza Kalhoro, president of Larkana Press Club, said that Pathan was an all-rounder in Sindhi literature. He wrote in a popular diction and tone and his poetry was full of love and affection for his compatriots which left great impact on its listeners.

They said that Pathan’s poetry was voice of common people. He possessed very sensitive heart, which was reflected in his poetry. Besides writing himself he encouraged and inspired others to write.

Pathan had not allowed his pen to rest and fall silent under any circumstances. He was a very committed writer who appeared never to get tired of writing.

Prof Jahangir Abbasi, Shahmir Soomro, Abdul Qadir Jagirani, Prof Abdul Fatah Supro and Rajib Jan Abbasi also spoke at the gathering while Talib Channa recited Pathan’s poetry in his melodious voice.

Published in Dawn, December 17th, 2019