President confers 192 civilian awards

Published August 14, 2005

ISLAMABAD, Aug 13: President Gen Pervez Musharraf on the occasion of Independence Day, has conferred the following Civil Awards on 192 citizens of Pakistan and 15 foreign nationals for excellence in various fields of activities, for which the investiture ceremony will take place on the Pakistan Day, 23rd March, 2006.

HILAL-I-PAKISTAN: Mr Zhang Chunxiang (Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan.

HILAL-I-IMTIAZ: Prof Viqaruddin Ahmad (Sindh); Late Dr. Rafi Mohammad Chaudhry (Punjab); Prof Mohammad Ataur Rahman (Sindh); Late Dr Mohammad Afzal(Punjab) Education, Late Mr Ishfaq Ahmed (Punjab); Late Mr Faridullah Khan (NWFP); Mr Iftikhar Hussain Arif (Sindh); Prof Dr Mahmoud Ahmad Chaudhry (Punjab); Maj-Gen Mohammad Zaki (Punjab); Dr M. Akram Sheikh, Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission; Late Mr Latif Ibrahim Jamal(Sindh); Brig(R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah, Director-General of Intelligence Bureau (Punjab).

SITARA-I-PAKISTAN: Congressman Jim Kolbe(USA) and Prof Hussein M. Al Freihi(Saudi Arabia).

SITARA-I-SHUJA’AT: Mr Mohammad Umer Morio (Sindh); Mr Manzoor Ahmed Mughal (Sindh); Mr Naveed Ellahi(Punjab); Late Mr Taghoon Nabi (Northern Areas); Late Mr Amir Shahzad (Punjab); Late Mr Usman Shafique (Punjab).

SITARA-I-IMTIAZ: Mr Mohammad Naeem (Punjab); Dr Abdul Waheed (Punjab); Dr Arshad Munir (Punjab); Dr Mohammad Ibrahim Rajoka (Punjab); Engr Jawaid Tariq (Punjab); Mr Mohammad Tahir (Punjab); Dr Mohammad Riaz Suddle (Punjab); Mr Mohammad Mansoor (Punjab); Prof Dr Anwaar Ahmed Khan (Punjab); Prof Dr Asad Aslam Khan (Punjab); Prof Dr Faiz Mohammad Khan (Sindh); Dr Wajid Ali (Punjab); Dr Sania Nishtar (NWFP); Dr Arjuman HashmiTampa, Florida, USA; Dr S. M. Junaid Zaidi (Punjab); Late Mirza Ibn-i-Hanif (Punjab); Late Mr Ali Ahmad K. Brohi (Sindh); Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik (Punjab); Lt-Gen (r) Mohammad Akram Khan (Punjab); Mr Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui (Sindh); Brig (r) Saleem Ahmed Moeen, Chairman NADRA; Brig Anwar-ul-Huda Khan, Sector Commander, ISI Sindh; Brig Azmat Hayat Khan (Deputy DG, ISI Directorate); Col Khalid Mehmood Khan (Assistant Deputy DG, ISI Directorate); Capt(r) Zafar Iqbal DPO, Attock (Punjab); Late Chaudhry Rafiq Ahmed (Sindh); Mr M. Yasin Malik (Sindh Public Service; Mr Alexander John Malik (Second Time)(Punjab); Late Ms Shahla Zia (Punjab); Mr Ahmed Saeed Chaudhry (Punjab); Mr Moin M. Fudda (Sindh); Haji Bashir Ahmed (Punjab); Mr Mohammad Hussain Dadabhoy (Sindh); Mr Mohammad Abdullah (Punjab); Ms Khawar Mumtaz (Punjab); Public Dr Mohammad Saleem Chaudhary (Punjab); Syed Fasih Iqbal (Baluchistan); Prof Dr Abdul Rashid (Sindh); Mr Arshad Khan(Punjab); Mr Bashir Ali Mohammad; Shaikh Mukhtar Ahmad; Mr Sultan Allana (Sindh); Mr Bashir A. Tahir S. Ali Raza, Chairman & President of National Bank of Pakistan; Mr. Zakir Mahmood, President & CEO orf Habib Bank Limited; Prof Dr Mubashar Ahmad Chaudhry Punjab); Mr Zaffar Ahmed Khan; Adam Asharaf Hayee; Dr Iftikhar Ahmed Mukhtar; Mr Jimmy Engineer(Balochistan); Late Mr Zahoorul Akhlaq (Punjab); Mr Inzamam-ul-Haq (Punjab); Late Prof Ardito Desio (Italy); Dr Ludmila Vasilieva (Prof at Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences)(USSR) and Mr Ralph Russell (Retired Professor of School of Oriental & African Studies, London UK).

PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE: Dr Mohammad Tufail (Punjab); Science, Prof Dr Zahid Hussain Chohan (Punjab); Mr Faiz-ul-Hassan Nasim (Punjab); Dr Farzana Mahmood (Punjab); Dr Sanaullah Khan Khattak (NWFP); Mr Zaheeruddin Gohar (Punjab); Mr Mohammad Aslam (Punjab); Mr Mohammad Arshad (Punjab); Mr Sohailur Rahman (Punjab); Mr Azhar Munir (Punjab); Mr Rehan Majid (Sindh); Mr Naveedur Rehman(Punjab); Mr Naeemullah Dar (Punjab); Mr Mahmood Ali Ahmed (Sindh); Mr Mohammad Amin Sabir (Punjab); Dr Mohammad Azhar (Punjab); Prof Khwaja Masud (Islamabad); Miss Arifa Karim; Mrs Khalida Hussain (Islamabad); Mr Javed Shaheen (Punjab); Prof Aftab Iqbal Shamim (Punjab); Mrs Zehera Nigah (Sindh); Prof Mohammad Afaq Siddqui (Sindh); Prof Nadir Qambrani (Baluchistan; Mr Abdur Rahman Barahui (Balochistan); Mr Shafqat Tanveer Mirza (Punjab); Mr Ayaz Daud Zai (NWFP); Mr Mohammad Ghazi Siyal (NWFP); Prof Dr Ayub Sabir(NW FP); Mr Asghar Nadeem Sayed (Punjab); Mr Jalal-ud-Din Ahmed (Sindh); Mrs Abbasi (Akhtar) Abidi(Punjab); Mr Amir Adnan (Sindh); Syed Javaid A. Kazi (Punjab); Mr Arshad Mehmood (Sindh); Ms Tasawar Khanum; Ms Nayyara Noor (Punjab); Mr Ghulam Farid-ud-Din Ayaz Al-Hussaini(Sindh); Mr Badar-uz-Zaman (Punjab); Mr Qammar-uz-Zaman (Punjab); Mr Masood Akhtar (Punjab); Mr Nazir Hussaini (Punjab); Mrs Nayyar Kamal (Islamabad), Ms Shireen Pasha (Punjab); Mr Jam Mitho Khan (Sindh) and Mr Zia Jalundhry; Mr Amin Gulgee; Mr Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Balochistan); Mrs Clara Pasha Retired Nursing Adviser (Islamabad) and Mr Shan Baoxiang (Second Secretary, Cultural Office, Chinese Em-bassy in Pakistan).

SITARA-I-QUAID-I-AZAM: Dr Khalif Bile Mohamud (WHO Representative in Pakistan Somalia); Shigemochi Hirashima (Professor Emeritus Tokyo, Japan) and Maj-Gen(r) Ahn, Choung-Jun(Korea).

TAMGHA-I-PAKISTAN: Mr Toh See Kiat (Singapore).

TAMGHA-I-SHUJA’AT: Lt-Col Mohammad Afsar Azam Mallick (Officer Commanding ISI, Sindh; Lt-Col Rashidullah Baig; Maj Khalid Amin Rana; Mr Mohammad Fayyaz Khan (DSP)(Sindh); Mr Ghulam Mujtaba, Assistant Director, ISI (Sindh); Mr Mohammad Taloot, District Officer, District Government Lahore (Punjab); Mr Ghulam Rasool, Sub-Inspector (ISI)(Sindh); Mr Tariq son of Mohammad Usman Abbasi, Sub-Inspector (ISI)(Sindh); Naik Ghulam Haider (Pakistan Rangers Sindh)(Punjab); Mr Mohammad Bilal(Pakistan Rangers Sindh)(Punjab); Mr Hashmat Ali Driver(MTD)(NWFP); LHC Ameer Badshah (Naib Court, Special Traffic Magistrate Court, Peshawar NWFP)p and Late Mr Kashif Iqbal.

TAMGHA-I-IMTIAZ: Mr Mohammad Islam Gill(Punjab); Prof Dr Mohammad Arshad (Punjab); Dr Tasawar Hayat(Punjab); Mr Abu Bakar Nisar Alvi (Punjab); Dr Mohammad Akram Kahlown (Punjab); Dr Mohammad Babar Imran (Punjab); Dr Huma Qureshi (Sindh); Dr Qasim Ayub (NWFP); Dr Mohammad Afzal (Punjab); Dr Saeeda Asghar(Punjab); Prof Dr (r) Syed Abdul Raza Ali (NWFP); Mrs Tanveer Latif Chaudhry (AJ&K); Mrs Shama Salman Khaliq (Punjab); Mr Bismillah Khan (Balochistan); Dr Asif Farrukhi (Sindh); Prof Sahar Ansari (Sindh); Mr Sharif Farooq (NWFP); Lt-Col Mohammad Tariq, ISI; Ms Leelavati Tulsidas Harchandni, (Sindh); Mr Hamesh Khan, Bank of Punjab; Mr Mohammad Ejaz Khan (Baluchistan); Mr Ishtiaq Ahmed Khanzada (Inspector IB)(Sindh); Dr Zeba Ayesha Sathar(Sindh); Ms Rubina Anjum (Punjab); Mr Mohammad Ishfaq Khattak (Punjab); Mohammad Zubair Habib; Mrs Roshaneh Zafar(Punjab); Dr Syed Talat Iqbal(Punjab); Mr Imdad Ali Nizamani(Sindh); Maulana Abdullah Khilji (Balochistan); Mr Shahzad Nasim; Dr Nisar A. Chaudhry; Mr Naveed Ahmed Bhatti(Punjab); Mrs Khush Bakht Shujaat (Sindh); Mr Farrukh Bashir (Punjab); Mr Mohsin Raza (Punjab); Mr Mubarik Ali; Mr Manzoor Niazi; Mr Lal Mohammad Pathan (Sindh); Mr Nasir-ud-Din Mohmand (NWFP); Art Ms Shazia Sikander( Punjab); Syed Nabi Ahmad(Punjab); Syed Najam-ul-Hassan Kazmi(Punjab); Mr Amir Bukhsh(Punjab); Mr Ghulam Mustafa(Punjab); Mr Salah-ud-Din Curator, Tehrik-i-Pakistan Museum, Lahore(Punjab); Syed Khurshid Anwar(Sindh); Mr Pervez Mehdi(Punjab); Ms Hadiqa Kiyani(Punjab); Mr Jawwad Ahmed (Punjab); Mr Fasihur Rehman(Punjab); Mr Mushtaq Changezi (Sindh); Mr Najeeb Ullah Anjum (NWFP); Late Mr Hassam-ud-Din Qazi (Balochistan); Mr Umer Sharif (Sindh); Mr Kamal Salman Masud (Sindh); Mr Shujauddin Malik (Punjab); Mr Rehmat Khan (Sindh); Mr Farman Ahmad (Punjab); Mr Mohammad Ilyas (Punjab)and Dr Mohammad Baghai (Makan) Iran.

TAMGHA-I-QUAID-I-AZAM: Dr Zahir Khan(Indonesia); Madam Sun Lian Mei(China).

TAMGHA-I-KHIDMAT: Ms Waltraud Torossian-Brigasky (Austria).—Online


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