LAHORE: Winter rainfall in Pakistan is expected to be above normal this time around and will be embedded with few heavy snowfall events in most of the northwestern and upper parts of the country, according to the Met department.

In its seasonal forecast it said positive precipitation (rain) anomalies are predicted for the western region and high altitudes of the country. Neutral to negative precipitation anomalies are expected for Azad Kashmir and its adjacent areas. Normal precipitation is predicted for Sindh province, lower parts of Punjab and coastal areas of Balochistan.

It forecast heavy snowfall and frost for the region. Positive temperature anomalies are likely to prevail over southern parts of Pakistan, especially over southwest Balochistan during the season.

There are strong chances of below normal temperatures over Azad Kashmir and upper parts of the country. Near normal temperatures are expected for the central areas of the country.

Winter is expected to be rainy due to above normal rainfall and more spells of westerly weather system.

The frequency of fog in plain areas may be reduced due to rainfall spells and windy conditions.

These weather systems would be beneficial for healthier growth of crops in the rain-fed areas.

Heavy snow over the mountains would be beneficial for groundwater and summer run-off into the major water reservoirs.

Published in Dawn, December 9th, 2019