December 08, 2019



Kahin Deep Jalay | Geo TV, Thursdays 8.00pm

The promising lead actors Neelam Munir (Rida) and Imran Ashraf (Zeeshan) lure you into watching the serial, the story of which has nothing new except routine domestic politics, and so far the leads have been limited to being support characters.

Rida’s greedy-as-ever bhabhi Shamila (Nazish Jahangir’s first role with so many scenes) has shaken up her in-law’s family with her cunning and manipulative activities, and everyone, including her husband Faham (Ali Abbas), now knows her true colours behind her facade of sweet innocence. But enough of Shamila’s antics! Can we see some on-screen chemistry between Neelam and Imran please?

What To Watch Out For

Gul-o-Gulzar | ARY, Thursdays 8.00pm

The story takes a shocking turn as the crafty Gul (Saboor Aly) characteristically does yet another clean sweep on her naive friend Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi). Hiding from her husband Adil (Omer Shahzad) and in-laws who want to kill her and take her baby away, Gul is staying at Gulzar’s place.

Just the way it happened years ago during their college days, Gulzar wakes up one morning to find that Gul has disappeared with all the cash and gold in the house, leaving a broken Gulzar weeping on the floor for having trusted Gul, whose manipulation, advice or presence has always damaged Gulzar’s life. How could Gulzar be so stupid?

Published in Dawn, ICON, December 8th, 2019