Website review: Into the world of LEGO

October 26, 2019


If you have seen the LEGO movies, you will realise that they are very different from any other animated movie because LEGO has its own entertainment flavour.

But for ages, LEGO has been around. The company has created hours of fun and educational videos since a long time and you can find them all at — the site which keeps record of all such videos sorted by theme at one place.

The website is actually the library of everything that you want to know, watch and read related to LEGO. The homepage is quite impressive, entertaining and above all interactive; once open, you will find yourself hooked on to the world of LEGO heroes, villains their action and adventure.

The main menu to choose the LEGO videos is at the top with thumbnails for every pop-culture phenomenon up till now such as, NinjaGo, Star Wars, Friends, Fantastic Beasts, Batman, Avengers, UniKitty, Elves, PowerPuff Girsl, Jurassic Park, Scooby Doo, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the list goes on.

The site is fun and offers never-ending entertainment to LEGO fans. It also showcases a tantalising array of toys based on the popular building blocks, which you can buy or just browse through. You can also read news and introduction of various action figures, LEGO Disney princesses, LEGO Elvendale, LEGO animal kingdom, and also get to know about the upcoming LEGO figures.

So all the LEGO fans out there, here is a quick and direct link to the LEGO videos:

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 26th, 2019