PTI central leader Abul Hassan resigns over differences with Tareen on party constitution

Updated 08 Oct 2019


PTI Central Additional Secretary General Abul Hassan Ansari. — Photo provided by author
PTI Central Additional Secretary General Abul Hassan Ansari. — Photo provided by author

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Central Additional Secretary General Abu Hassan Ansari tendered his resignation on Monday after allegedly developing differences with former secretary general Jahangir Tareen over the party's constitution, PTI sources said.

Hassan is the author of the PTI party constitution 2019 and party sources told DawnNewsTV that he was being forced by Tareen, who holds no official position in the party, to amend the constitution as per his recommendations. The two also had multiple verbal spats during party meetings, said the sources.

According to sources close to Hassan, he believes that Tareen has taken over the party. "Although Tareen has spent his money for the party, we all spent our time and money for the PTI," he was quoted as saying by a source.

Hassan submitted his resignation to PTI Chief Organiser Saifullah Niazi, party sources said, adding that no decision has been taken on the resignation as PTI chief Prime Minister Imran Khan has told the party's top brass that he will take up the matter after his return from China.

"In view of the controversy created in the party leadership in the wake of Constitution Review Committee meeting, I feel it appropriate to tender my resignation from the post of Additional Secretary General to pave the way for somebody more suitable for the changing environment," read the resignation letter, the text of which was seen by DawnNewsTV. The letter, however, did not clearly mention what 'controversy' was being referred to.

"I would like to thank you and all the colleagues in the central governing body for the utmost respect and cooperation," the brief letter sent to the chief organiser read.


The PTI on Tuesday issued a rebuttal to the above article, saying it was based on a "flawed interpretation of facts" and terming it "misleading".

In a statement, the head of PTI's Central Media Department deemed the quotes attributed to Abul Hassan Ansari in the report as incorrect and "complete disinformation".

They also denied that Hassan had developed differences with Jahangir Tareen over the party's constitution or that the former was forced by the latter to amend the constitution.