Freedom and unity

August 14, 2019


I COULD not take active part in the freedom movement. My little contribution was attending the public meetings addressed by Muslim League leaders.

I remember the skirmishes between the workers of Congress and Muslim League and visiting the house of Sheikh Muhamed Umer, the then president of Pakistan Muslim League, Rawalpindi, with my elders.

At midnight on Aug 14 it was announced on radio that Pakistan had emerged on the world map. We celebrated the victory by congratulating one another, distributing sweets and hugging each other.

Alas, the founder of Pakistan left for his eternal abode after a little more than a year and his prime minister was assassinated at a public meeting in Rawalpindi in 1951.

That was the point from where the nation became rudderless. Other nations who attained freedom after us have achieved political and economic stability.

We need to realise there will be no peace, progress or prosperity in the country without unity and hard work.

Raja Shafaatullah


Published in Dawn, August 14th, 2019