BIRMINGHAM: As a wicket-keeper Alex Carey is used to catching things at high speed. That now includes his own helmet.

England fast bowler Jofra Archer who can reach speeds of 150kph (95 mph) bowled a rising delivery which hit Carey around the jaw with enough force to knock off his protective helmet during Thursday’s second semi0final at Edgbaston.

Carey’s reactions were sufficiently quick to catch the helmet avoiding any danger to his stumps before immediately raising a hand and calling for aid.

There was a lengthy delay as Carey was checked over and his bleeding chin was bandaged. He was on four at the time, and was allowed to keep going. His side was also in trouble, and he was needed to steady the innings.

Carey needed medical attention twice more, eventually receiving bandaging around his jaw and head.

Batting with blood seeping through the bandages, the left-hander shared a 103-run partnership for the fourth wicket with former captain Steve Smith after the pair came together on 14-3. Carey was caught on the boundary after advancing to attack a delivery from spinner Adil Rashid. He departed for a 70-ball 46 in the 28th over, with four boundaries.

Serious head injuries are rare in cricket but the danger is always there, even with a helmet.

Australian batsman Phillip Hughes died in 2014 two days after he was hit on the head by a ball during a domestic first-class match. He was wearing a helmet.

Published in Dawn, July 12th, 2019