No helmet no oil

April 15, 2019


FATAL motorcycle accidents have become a routine in Karachi. The Karachi Municipal Committee City council had passed a unanimous resolution not long ago, urging the Sindh government to direct petrol pumps not to sell fuel to a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet. This resolution was also appreciated and backed by the inspector general of police for traffic Karachi.

In my opinion this is a proposal worth considering by the relevant authorities as it will help save lives. Sometimes compulsion remains the only option left with the government for the greater good of its citizens.

To cite an example which is relevant, not long ago, the Lahore traffic police increased the amount of fine manifold for motorcyclists not wearing a helmet and who violate traffic signals. The results are encouraging as most if not all motorcyclists now follow traffic laws.

I am certain that the same result can be obtained in Sindh if the provincial government stringently enforces traffic rules.

Safdar Ali Shah Lakyari
Hingorja, Sindh

Published in Dawn, April 15th, 2019