Lums hopes for 'culture of respect' on campus as sexist Facebook group by students is exposed

Updated 09 Apr 2019


A view of the Lums campus in Lahore. — Photo courtesy
A view of the Lums campus in Lahore. — Photo courtesy

The Lahore University of Management Sciences (Lums) on Tuesday said it hopes to further promote a "culture of respect" on its campus, days after a closed Facebook group having the varsity's current and former students as members was exposed for posting sexist content.

The closed group, titled “Dankpuna at LUMS”, reportedly had more than 600 members, most of them male students and alumni.

The group was taken down after some female students who gained access to its posts shared screenshots on social media, calling out their fellow male students for being sexist and normalising sexual abuse.

Lums, considered one of the top Pakistani varsities, issued an official statement a day after a group of students along with members of on-campus FemSoc (Feminist Society at Lums) approached the dean of the Office of Student Affairs to voice their concerns "regarding a social media page where some students belonging to Lums were sharing offensive, sexist memes".

"The students and the Dean had a detailed conversation and agreed that this is an unfortunate episode," the statement said, stressing that the university encourages an environment where students can freely exchange ideas and debate important issues.

"However, it [the exposé] can actually help open doors to further the conversation on mutual respect and sensitise the community at large on gender issues," it added.

The statement emphasised that Lums encourages collective action by its students to address such matters.

"We hope that this event will help further the culture of respect on our campus."