LANDI KOTAL: The residents of tribal districts would launch protest against the government for its failure to enforce fully the plan of merger of Fata with the province, said Tehreek Eslahat Pakistan chairman Haji Shahji Gul.

Addressing a “Meet the Press Programme” at Jamrud Press Club, he said that government failed to sanction the promised share of three per cent in National Finance Commission award to tribal district.

Mr Gul, who is also a former MNA, said that people of the newly merged districts would not compromise on the merger plan at any cost and would strive till the end to get their legitimate rights enshrined in the 25th Amendment.

Former MNA says govt failed to sanction funds to the newly-merged areas

He said that further delay in sanctioning of the promised development funds would increase the sense of deprivation among the people of the merged districts.

He said that people of tribal districts would be left with no other option but to launch protest against government for its failure to implement the merger plan in its totality.

BAN: The administration has imposed ban on the dance performance of transgender persons during weddings and festive occasions in Jamrud sub-division.

Officials said that the ban was imposed on request of local tribal elders. Ban has also been re-imposed on firing in the air Jamrud during festive occasions.

They said that situation at most of the wedding and festive ceremonies would turn ugly and go out of control during dance performance by transgender persons as local youth resorted to firing in the air on such occasions.

Officials said that an unofficial ban was already in place on music shows in most of the tribal areas.

Officials said that a fine of Rs100,000 would be imposed on the people, who violated the ban.

BODY: Khasadar officials found the body of an elderly person near Takhta Beg checkpost in Jamrud on Tuesday.

The body was shifted to local hospital for identification. Reason behind the death could not be immediately known.

Meanwhile, two drivers of a were killed when their vehicles collided with each other and one of the vehicles plunged into a deep ravine near Michni checkpost near Landi Kotal on Monday.

They were identified as Samar Khan and Sajjad Khan.

Also, five persons received injuries when roofs of at least two houses collapsed due to rain in Landi Kotal on Tuesday.

Khasadar officials said that the roof of a room in the house of Shakir Khan collapsed in Sheikhmalkhel Alamkhani early in the morning.

The incident resulted in minor injuries to Rashid; a minor girl Khkula; wife and daughter of Abidullah; and wife of Owais Khan. In a similar incident, two rooms of the house of a schoolteacher Habib collapsed. Nobody was present when the roofs caved in.

Published in Dawn, March 20th, 2019