IRI poll shows strong approval rating for PTI govt

Published March 17, 2019
Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a ceremony.— AP/File
Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a ceremony.— AP/File

ISLAMABAD: A new nationwide poll of Pakistanis by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Centre for Insights in Survey Research reveals strong approval rating for the new government and confidence in the July 2018 elections.

A combined 57 per cent of respondents think that Prime Minister Imran Khan is doing either a “very good job” (17pc) or a “good job” (40pc) so far, and a combined 56pc approve of the government, according to a communication received here. A plurality of respondents (40pc) say that they are willing to give the government one year (26pc) or two years (14pc) to start delivering on their campaign promises.

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“The survey suggests that the government’s performance will be judged primarily on its ability to address pressing economic concerns,” said Johanna Kao, IRI regional director for Asia.

84pc respondents say July 2018 election results were ‘accurate’

Inflation was singled out as the most important problem in Pakistan (39pc), followed by poverty (18pc) and unemployment (15pc). Nearly 77pc of respondents between the ages of 18 and 35 saw the lack of jobs as the biggest challenge facing young people in Pakistan.

One of the questions posed to respondents in the survey.— Dawn
One of the questions posed to respondents in the survey.— Dawn

The poll also indicates high levels of confidence in the results of the July 2018 general election. A clear majority (84pc) say that the results were either “very accurate” (46pc) or “somewhat accurate” (38pc). A combined 83pc believe that the election was either “completely free and fair” (50pc) or “mostly free and fair” (33pc).

“Poor economic conditions are a significant source of anxiety for Pakistanis,” said Ms Kao. “Despite Pakistan’s economic challenges, confidence in the new government and the prime minister is high. Pakistanis seem to be willing to give the government time to deliver on its campaign promises, which will require difficult economic reforms to revitalise the country’s struggling economy.”

The survey was conducted on behalf of the Centre for Insights in Survey Research. Data was collected between Nov 1 and 22, 2018 through in-home, in-person interviews. The sample consisted of 3,991 respondents aged 18 and older and was representative of voting-age adults nationally. The margin of error was 1.6pc.

Published in Dawn, March 17th, 2019



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