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Attitude: The power of humility

February 16, 2019


Think about your place in the world. Think about all the people who existed before you and all the people who will exist after you. When the penny drops, you will realise that you are really a dot on the long line of humanity. You were never known before your existence and you will be forgotten at some point when you’re gone.

This is why you need to be humble. No matter what status you are at today, in the bigger picture you are always a dot reliant on other dots. Never consider yourself above all, as there is always one above the other and the heap gets bigger.

Humility is such an important virtue that a day has been set aside each year to urge us all to be humble. Yes, February 22 is Be Humble Day. The fascinating but apt fact is that the founder of the Be Humble Day is unknown. Perhaps he or she was too humble to come out in the spotlight. The theme too has been underrated for a while, but is as important as any other necessity of life.

The world has became chaotic, full of wars and antagonism. What we need is love and care. Being humble and calm brings us to that point. It should be at the start, crux and the end of every decision and action.

Cutting some slack to people would help a lot of us. The rich being humble to the poor, the black to the white and the powerful to the weak would be the most beautiful thing.

Being humble in life is essential. Being humble means to be down-to-earth; it means not to consider yourself the Mr or Ms Know- it-all; it means to calm yourself down, to take yourself as equal to every other person, to create the flexibility within one’s thought, to terminate the concept of quid pro quo and to give space.

Humility is a beautiful concept, but it is sinking into a sea of selfishness. It’s you, me and us who can pull it back to the shore. Even the smallest act of humility serves multipurpose.

Here are some simple reasons we need humility in our lives:

Peace of mind

Humility gives one a feeling of satisfaction and tranquillity. It is human nature that appreciates the idea of favour. One’s humble acts create a strong sense of self-satisfaction within them.

Mental health

What if someone insults or scolds another person, it would have a toll on the victim’s mental health. The victim might feel targeted and sad. Humility can create a wedge between people. Kind words can conquer kingdoms.


Good relations are like mirrors, once broken, they can never be as they were before. These good relations depend on the very fragile rope of actions. The actions depend on the shoulders of humility. Being humble towards your friends and family strengthens your relationship with them.

A humble attitude is like a key which opens every door of hardship. A humble attitude is like a glue which can mend every broken relation. The world needs to celebrate humility not just on February 22, but on every day of the year.

Published in Dawn, Young World, February 16th, 2019