Master plan for Rawalpindi to be revised

Updated 31 Jan 2019


The master plan of Rawalpindi expired some five years ago.— Photo courtesy of Mohammad Bin Naveed
The master plan of Rawalpindi expired some five years ago.— Photo courtesy of Mohammad Bin Naveed

ISLAMABAD: The commission formed by the federal cabinet for the revision of Islamabad was on Wednesday told that the blueprint of Rawalpindi will also be revised.

The commission met at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) headquarters, under the chairmanship of CDA chief Amer Ali Ahmed, who is also the chief commissioner.

A representative of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) informed the committee that the master plan for Rawalpindi will also be revised and that a summary has already been moved to the Punjab government for approval.

Sources said that it was decided that the commission appointed by the federal government will work closely with RDA for making a comprehensive regional plan for both cities.

RDA to work with CDA for areas on border between twin cities

The commission formed three-sub committees for finalising the terms of reference for hiring consultants, finalising studies to be conducted for the revision of the master plan for Islamabad and holding public hearings.

The commission decided to get satellite images of Islamabad from the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission.

“After a few initial meetings, we are now moving towards practical work and today we formed three committees for various tasks,” CDA chief Amer Ali Ahmed told Dawn.

He said the commission will also get satellite images of specified areas for making a proper revision of the master plan for 2020 to 2040.

During the meeting, the CDA chairman said the civic agency will provide full support to the commission and a proper office will be given to its members in the CDA building if the need arises so that they can work on the revision of the master plan with full concentration.

The master plan for Islamabad was prepared in 1959-60. The firm which made the plan had suggested revisions every 20 years, which were not made except for some two dozen select changes. The original master plan therefore expired in 1980.

This changed the original shape of the capital city, which was known as a planned city. Islamabad is now facing many planning issues including thousands of unauthorised buildings.

The federal government recently decided to revise the master plan of Islamabad for the first time and formed a 12-member commission, which is to complete the task in six months.

The master plan of Rawalpindi expired some five years ago. RDA will work together with CDA in some areas during the revision.

RDA Director General Hayat Lak told Dawn there is need for coordination with the authorities in Islamabad in some areas.

“RDA representatives attended the CDA meeting to inform the commission about some areas and roads on the border of the twin cities,” he said.

Mr Lak said RDA had sought approval from the Punjab Housing, Urban Planning and Public Health Department, RDA’s parent department, for the revision. He said the city’s master plan expired in 2015 and that the civic agency will hire a consultant after the approval is granted.

Published in Dawn, January 31st, 2019