PTI govt will not back down from holding opposition leaders accountable, says PM Khan

Published December 22, 2018
PM Imran Khan addresses a ceremony in Lahore to highlight the performance of the Punjab government in the first 100 days. —PID
PM Imran Khan addresses a ceremony in Lahore to highlight the performance of the Punjab government in the first 100 days. —PID

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday warned the leaders of opposition parties that the PTI-led government will not back down from holding them accountable for their alleged corrupt practices during their respective tenures.

The premier, while addressing a ceremony in Lahore to highlight the performance of Punjab government in the first 100 days, mentioned that the corrupt practices of former rulers have ruined the economy of the country.

Referring to the protest of opposition parties over the ongoing corruption cases, the prime minister said, "These cases were set up during the tenure of the previous government and the PTI government has no role in the matter."

He said the only difference is that the incumbent government did not stop the accountability process as done by the previous governments. "There will be no compromise on accountability. The future of the country will be at stake if corrupt people are not taken to task," the premier said.

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He vowed that the PTI government will work for the betterment and development of Punjab by ensuring the people are given their due rights and by utilising all available resources to uplift the living standard of the masses.

"Major reforms will be brought in various sectors to extend relief to the general public," he said, mentioning that civil code procedure will be reformed in order to reduce the time involved in the disposition of cases. Khan said the courts will decide the cases within a year's time after the introduction of these reforms.

"In the past, half of the provincial budget was spent on the development of Lahore city alone. Even funds for the labour community were diverted to Lahore," the premier said as he promised to abolish that practice.

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"Agricultural reforms are very important as the sector acts as a backbone of the country while police reforms are necessary to depoliticise the department and make it a modern law enforcement force," Imran Khan said.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar along with several provincial and federal ministers attended the ceremony.

At the start of the event, Punjab Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht gave a presentation about the achievements of the provincial government during the first 100 days.

He said the PTI government inherited a loan of Rs1,140 billion and had to go through litigation to resolve the cases of unpaid amounts of Rs56 billion, left by the previous government.



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