KARACHI: Following is a breakup of winners and losers in general election held a day before and number of votes polled on national and provincial assemblies’ seats in interior of Sindh, according to unofficial results received till Thursday evening.

LARKANA: Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, won NA-200 (Larkana-I) by defeating Maulana Rashid Mehmood Soomro, president of MMA Sindh and JUI-F Sindh chapter. Bilawal secured 84,426 votes while his opponent got 50,200 votes, according to result issued by returning officer.

PPP suffered a setback when GDA’s candidate Moazzam Abbasi won PS-11 by securing 32,178 votes while his rival PPP’s Nida Khuhro, daughter of Nisar Khuhro, obtained 21,811 votes.

PPP’s Khursheed Ahmed Junejo won NA-201 by securing 97,051 votes while his opponent Allah Bakhsh Unnar of GDA got 69,111 votes.

The PS-12 went to PPP’s Sohail Anwer Siyal who secured 48,997 votes and defeated Syed Akbar Hussain Rashdi of GDA who got 22,626 votes.

Hizbullah Bughio of PPP won PS-13 securing 46,101 votes while his rival Adil Unnar of GDA got 44,197 votes.

NAWABSHAH: Pakistan Peoples Party has swept the district for the fourth consecutive time, according to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

PPP won two seats of National Assembly and four provincial assembly seats.

Former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari returned to parliamentary politics after 25 years by winning NA-213 comfortably, securing 101,362 votes.

His rival Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind of Grand Democratic Alliance grabbed 54,344 votes whereas Sindh Taraqqi-pasand Party chairman Dr Qadir Magsi received only 1,516 votes.

Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah of PPP won NA-214 by securing 110,902 votes and his opponent Syed Zain Shah of Sindh United Party (SUP) managed to get 54,676 votes.

PPP’s Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho, elder sister of Mr Zardari won PS-37 (Daur) by securing 55,524 votes whereas her rival GDA’s Syed Bagh Ali Shah obtained 24,637.

Chaudhry Tariq Masood Arain of PPP won PS-38 by securing 47,401 votes, defeating Naeem Rajput of Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) who grabbed 14,887 votes. Inayat Ali Rind of PTI managed to get 8,630.

PPP’s Ghulam Qadir Chandio won PS-39 (Sakrand) by securing 58,060 votes while his rival SUP’s Syed Zain Shah got 33,557 votes.

PPP’s Sardar Khan Mohammed Dahiri got 56,753 votes to win PS-40 (Qazi Ahmed) while his rival Syed Asif Ali Shah of GDA secured 19,834 votes.

UMERKOT: PPP swept the district winning all seats up for grabs, according to unofficial results.

Nawab Yusuf Talpur won NA-220 by bagging 162,979 votes while his rivals PTI vice chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi secured 105,267 and Neelam Valji of PML-N bagged 5,089.

Syed Sardar Shah of PPP won PS-51 by securing 55,118 while his rival Faqir Jadam Mangrio of GDA bagged 27,008 votes.

Syed Ali Mardan Shah won PS-52 for the fourth time, bagging 52,139 votes. His rival former chief minister Sindh Arbab Ghulam Rahim of GDA got 20,160 votes.

PPP’s Nawab Taimur Talpur won PS-53 securing 55,155 votes while his opponent bagged 31,623 votes.

NAUSHAHRO FEROZE: PPP won two NA and three PA seats and GDA managed to grab one PA seat, according to unofficial results.

PPP’s Syed Ibrar Ali Shah won NA-211 securing 110,914 votes whereas Alahando Shah aka Syed Zafar Ali Shah of GDA received 80,485 votes.

Zulfiqar Ali Behan of PPP won NA-212 securing 90,266 votes while his rival former federal minister Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi got 84,361 votes.

Syed Sarfaraz Ali Shah of PPP won PS-33 securing 52,947 votes while his rival Maqsood Ahmed Khushik of GDA got 37,444 votes.

Syed Murad Ali Shah of PPP won PS-34 obtaining 51,419 votes whereas GDA’s Dr Sattar Rajper received 32,385 votes.

Mumtaz Ali Chandio of PPP won PS-35 getting 38,432 votes whereas Razi Ali Khan Jatoi of GDA got 35,020 votes. Abdul Haq Bhurt, former PPP minister who contested as independent candidate managed to get 9,228 votes.

Arif Mustafa Jatoi, son of former prime minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, won the seat by securing 47,406. He defeated former Sindh minister for law Ziaul Hassan Lanjar who managed to grab 45,314 votes.

BADIN: Former speaker of National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza secured 96,875 votes to defeat her rival Haji Rasool Bux Chandio, who secured 96,015 votes.

After winning election by a hairline Dr Mirza has become the first woman of the country to win for the fifth consecutive term since 1996.

Dr Fehmida lost PS-73 to PPP’s Taj Mohammad Mallah by a narrow margin. Mr Mallah got 37,645 votes while Dr Mirza polled 37,365 votes.

PPP’s Mohammad Ismail Rahu handed defeat to Dr Zulfikar Ali Mirza of GDA by getting 44,953 votes on PS-74. Dr Mirza could secure 28,588 votes.

PPP’s Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur won NA-229 by getting 96,977 votes while his rival GDA’s Hassam Mirza secured 81,826 votes.

Maulana Mohammad Essa Samoon of MMA obtained 13,492 votes on NA-229.

PPP’s Bashir Ahmed Halepoto won PS-70 by getting 42,235 votes while his rival GDA’s Riaz Khan Nizamani got 21,454 votes.

GDA’s Barrister Hasnain Mirza won PS-72 by securing 43,111 while his rival Pappu Shah got 35,875. Mir Allah Bux of PPP won PS-71 by getting 38,727 votes while rival Dr Abdullah Talpur could get 32,822 votes.

PPP’s Bashir Ahmed Halepoto won PS-70 (Badin-I) securing 44,385 while GDA’s Riaz Ahmed obtained 22,967. PPP’s Mir Allah Bux Talpur won PS-71 by obtaining 38,727 votes, defeating GDA’s Mir Abdullah Khan who bagged 32,822 votes.

MITHI: PPP’s Pir Noor Mohammad Shah Jilani won NA-221 by securing 79,006 votes while his rival PTI vice chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Quraishi obtained 72,127.

PPP’s Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani won NA-222 by securing 111,369 votes while his rival Arbab Zakaullah of GDA got 53,201. Former chief minister and GDA leader Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim was trounced by his own nephew Arbab Lutfullah on PS-57.

The junior Arbab polled 65,413 votes while senior Arbab bagged 44,670.

Fakeer Sher Mohammad Bilalani defeated his rivals including GDA’s Arbab Khan Togachi by polling 54,310 votes while his rival secured 32,778 votes on PS-56.

Qasim Siraj Soomro easily won provincial seat by bagging 47,117 votes while his rival Arbab Anwar Jabbar could get 24,755 votes. GDA’s Haji Abdul Razzak Rahimoon won PS-54 (Dahli) by securing 25,955 votes and his rival Dost Mohammad Rahimoon of PPP got 24,844.

DADU: PPP won all the four provincial assembly seats and one NA seat in the district.

Pir Mujeebul Haq won PS-85 by securing 47,388 votes while PTI’s Sardar Ashiq Zour secured 26,333. PPP’s Syed Ghulam Shah Jilani secured 43,691 votes, defeating PTI’s candidate who got 38,384 votes.

On PS-83 PPP’s Aziz Junejo secured 51,989 votes to defeat PTI’s Ihsan Ali Jatoi who secured 38,011 votes. PPP’s Fayaz Ahmed Butt won PS-84 by securing 42,218 while PTI’s Sadaqat Jatoi got 40,352 votes.

PPP’s Rafiq Ahmed Jamali won NA-235 by securing 81,200 votes while PTI’s Karim Ali Jatoi got 63,008.

SHIKARPUR: PPP’s Mir Abid Ali Bhayo won NA-198 by securing 64,187 votes while his rival Dr Mohammad Ibrahim Jatoi secured 44,829 votes.

GDA’s Ghous Bakhsh Khan Mahar won NA-199 by securing 62,785 votes while his rival PPP’s Sardar Zulfikar Ali Kamario got 55,987 votes.

PPP’s Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh secured 50,311 votes while his rival GDA’s Agha Taimoor Khan Pathan received 30,782 votes for PS-7.

GDA’s Shaharyar Mahar won PS-8 by securing 37,706 votes while his rival Ameer Ali Jatoi, an independent, got 26,793 votes.

PPP’s Agha Siraj Khan Durrani won PS-9 by securing 51,660 votes while his rival Dr Muzaffar Essani of GDA got 15,069 votes.

SANGHAR: PPP achieved a landmark victory in Sanghar defeating PML-F candidates on NA-215, 216 and 217, won by PPP’s Naveed Dero, Shazia Marri and Roshan Junejo, respectively.

On provincial assembly seats, PPP and GDA shared three seats each. Mashooq Chandio of PPP lost by merely 102 votes on PS-41.

SUKKUR: PPP won two NA and four PA seats by defeating opponents belonging to GDA, PTI, MMA, MQM-P and independent candidates, according to unofficial results.

PPP’s Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah won NA-206 (Sukkur-1) by obtaining 81,223 votes. His rival PTI’s Syed Tahir Hussain Shah got 50,614 votes.

On NA-207 (Sukkur-2), PPP’s Noman Islam Shaikh won by obtaining 43,692 votes while his rival PTI’s Mobeen Ahmed Jatoi secured 31,785 votes.

PPP’s Jam Ikramullah Dharejo won PS-22 obtaining 32,971 votes. His opponent GDA’s Ali Gohar Mahar obtained 25,998 votes while MMA’s Mobeen Bullo obtained 14,201 votes.

PPP’s Syed Awais Qadir Shah, son-in-law of Khursheed Ahmed Shah, won PS-23 by obtaining 43,721 votes. His opponent GDA’s Mohammad Ali Shaikh obtained 36,580 votes.

PPP Syed Farrukh Shah, son of Khursheed Shah, was nearing his win on PS-24 by obtaining so far 17,060 votes. PTI’s Ms Safia Baloch obtained 3,222 votes. PPP’s Syed Nasir Hussain Shah won PS-24 (Sukkur-Rural) by securing 42,490 votes while his opponent Amir Bux aka Meer Mahar obtained 21,361 votes.

MMA’s Jam Saifullah Dharejo could obtain 17,399 votes while PPP’s Ali Nawaz aka Raja Khan Mahar secured 12,015 votes on PS-21 (Ghotki-4).

Meanwhile in Jacobabad, former caretaker prime minister and chairman Senate, Muhammadmian Soomro won NA-196 (Jacobabad district) on PTI platform, obtaining 92,274 votes.

His rival Mir Aijaz Hussain Jakhrani secured 86,876 votes and MMA’s Dr A.G. Ansari got 12,738 votes. PPP’s Mohammad Aslam Abro won PS-1 (Jacobabad) obtaining 36,896 votes. His opponent former PPP MPA Mir Aurangzeb Panhwar got 25,251 votes. PPP’s Dr Sohrab Sarki won PS-2 (Thull) by securing 30,338 votes. His opponent PTI’s Mir Tahir Khoso could obtain 22,722 votes while MMA’s Shah Mohammad Shah got 10,793 votes. PPP’s Mumtaz Jakhrani won PS-3 (Garhi Khero) by securing 31,662 votes. His opponent PTI’s Sardar Sakhi Abdul Razzak Khoso obtained 28,134 votes.

Former Sindh Chief Minister Ali Mohammad Mahar won NA-205 (Ghotki-Khangarh) as independent candidate by securing 71,943 votes while his rivals PPP’s Mir Ahsan Sundrani got 41,643, MMA’s Maulana Abdul Qayoom Halejvi 36,956 votes, Jam Ikramullah Dharejo 679 votes, Jam Asif Dharejo 806, Abdul Razzak Mahar 2,255, Ghulam Ali Abbas 1,430 and Mir Iftkhar Loond obtained 1,058 votes.

GDA’s Sardar Ali Gohar Mahar won PS-20 (Khangarh) securing 41,496 while his rivals PPP’s Ali Nawaz aka Raja Khan Mahar obtained 12,671 votes, MMA’s Maulana Mohammad Ishaq Laghari 9,584 votes, PML-N’s Haji Mohammad Chachar 390, Ali Murad Mahar 556 and Meer Khan Mahar obtained 122 votes.

MIRPURKHAS: According to unofficial result, independent candidate Syed Ali Nawaz Shah supported by GDA and MQM-P won NA-218. He acquired 75795 votes while PPP’s Pir Hassan Ali Shah Jilani got 67552 votes.

PPP candidate for PS-47, Hari Ram Kishori Lal obtained 33201 votes and won the seat while MQM-P Mujibul Haq gained 23506 votes.

On PS-48, PPP candidate Syed Zulfikar Ali Shah get 38097 votes and won the seat while Syed Ali Nawaz Shah acquired 36241 votes,

On PS-49, PPP candidate Noor Ahmed Bhurgari won the seat by taking 52953 votes and defeated independent candidate Shuja Ali Shah.

On NA-219, PPP candidate Mir Munawar Ali Khan Talpure won the seat by getting 105823 votes while Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim gained 51145 votes.

On PS-50 PPP candidate Mir Tarique Ali Khan Talpur won the seat by getting 50119 vote Arbab Inayatullah acquired 27545 votes.

Published in Dawn, July 27th, 2018



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