Twenty-one Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) of Sindh police appeared before Inspector General (IG) Amjad Javed Saleemi on Friday for a one-on-one disciplinary meeting following which one officer was dismissed from service, while two others were ordered to seek early retirement, read a statement issued by the police spokesperson.

As part of the ongoing 'operation cleanup' in the Sindh police, an orderly room hearing was held at Karachi's Amroz Central Police Office, where Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Sindh Headquarters and DIG Sindh Establishment were also present, read the statement.

DSPs Malik Mubarak and Abdul Rehman were found "inefficient", as they did not satisfactorily fulfil their CPEC related duties, resultantly, the Sindh IG ordered them to seek early retirement from the police force.

Moreover, DSPs Anwar Durrani, Tariq Imran, and Azam Hayat were reportedly involved in corruption and other illegal activities. The Sindh IG asked each of them to provide an explanation regarding the charges made against them and listened attentively to their responses.

Malik Mubarak and Abdul Rehman, who were asked to retire, belonged to the Rapid Response Force (RRF).

Whereas, DSP Raja Amjad from the anti-violent crime cell (AVCC) was immediately dismissed from service based on the findings of an internal inquiry report.

Besides, DSP Anwar Durrani's one-year service in the force was revoked and two DSPs, Tariq Imran and Azam Hayat posted at the Razzakabad Training Centre were also reprimanded.

Additionally, during the course of the hearing, directives were issued for the further investigation of 11 other DSPs of the Sindh police, while four DSPs were cleared of any charges.