Fake degrees continue to haunt lawmakers

Updated 05 Dec 2018


The fake degrees scandal that blew up in the face of many lawmakers post-2008 still continues to haunt many.

PPP and PTI's Balochistan chiefs have been denied a contest for previously submitting fake degrees. While PPP's Ali Madad Jattak's disqualification has been upheld by the Balochistan High Court, PTI president Yar Mohammad Rind is awaiting the decision on his appeal.

The fiasco had begun when a number of lawmakers had submitted fake degrees to fulfil a minimum bachelor's degree requirement enacted by former dictator Pervez Musharraf to keep a number of electables out of the race.

Although removed for being problematic and controversial, the provision exposed many for their moral turpitude and continues to expose political parties who are willing to give important positions to men whose wrongdoings have been proven beyond doubt.