The pre-election war of words is starting to get uglier by the tweet.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, ardent Imran Khan supporter, recently took to Twitter (as he is known to do) to share his thoughts on how, in his opinion, "the only ideology that can keep Pakistan together and protect minorities is Islam".

A Twitter user then asked the actor a question which many have put forward: "why do you [Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)] have Aamir Liaquat campaigning and using the sectarian card to muster votes?"

Hamza, in reply, quoted a hadith: “In the End Times men will come forth who will fraudulently use Islam for worldly ends and wear sheepskins in public to display meekness. Their tongues will be sweeter than sugar, but their hearts will be the hearts of wolves.” (Tirmidhi)

But Aamir Liaquat, who has shared that he is contesting the elections from Karachi's NA-245 as a PTI member, was not having it. Replying on the same thread, he called Hamza Ali Abbasi "disgusting face of the channel" [we're assuming BOL TV as both personalities host a show on the platform] — and a "drug addict".

The televangelist then 'advised' Hamza to "stick to his day job" : ‘ACTING’, warning that he would otherwise "tell what your beliefs are and what you preach".


Hamza isn't the first PTI supporter/member to share his reservations about Aamir Liaquat being inducted into the party and contesting the upcoming elections on a PTI ticket. And we have a feeling he won't be the last.