Chaudhry Nisar has distanced himself from the scathing remarks against the Sharif family that were associated with him earlier this week.

In another one of his trademark presser-slash-soliloquy on Friday, Nisar denied ever saying that "it will become difficult for Sharifs to show their faces if I open my mouth."

[the media] paint my statements in all sorts of shady hues and misrepresent them with ludicrous angles. — Nisar

For weeks or even months, Nisar has been teasing the media with what he knows or might say against Nawaz Sharif and family. He frequently calls pressers and hints that a no-holds-barred diatribe is coming but stops short of the climax.

What probably happened in this case is that some creative minds of our industry, fed up of Nisar's teasing, took the liberty to do what Nisar wants to, but is hesitant to. Fabricating a quote is a journalistic gunah-e-kabira (cardinal sin), yes, but one has to say that Nisar brought this upon himself.

Unsurprisingly, even in Friday's presser he left the Nawaz question hanging.