PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa caretaker Chief Minister retired Justice Dost Mohammad Khan has asked the federal government for speedy transfer of resources to the provincial government for the mainstreaming of tribal areas merged with the province lately.

He was speaking to government officials, notables, lawyers, businessmen and people at the CM House here on the second day of Eidul Fitr.

In a statement issued here, the CM said tribal people were working as the devoted, dedicated and sincere guards of the country without being paid and that they needed resources and facilities for mainstreaming.

He said the merger of Fata with KP brought about new challenges and therefore, the provincial government immediately needed resources to overcome them.

CM says merger has brought about new challenges

“The earlier these resources are arranged, the earlier the merger is facilitated and the tribal areas are mainstreamed,” he said.

The CM said the tribal people were the main victim of terrorism.

“We need to have an overall recovery plan for the rehabilitation and mainstreaming of the tribal areas. The tribesmen’s sacrifices for the country are countless. They’re the frontline in the war against terrorism. The resources to be transferred by the federal government for the overall Fata recovery and mainstreaming plan will be spent 80 percent on the rehabilitation and 20 percent on the provision of relief to the people,” he said.

Retired Justice Dost Mohammad said taxation was necessary for the people’s welfare and running the government’s affairs.

“Taxation is the key to the overall development,” he said.

The CM said the peaceful holding of elections was the constitutional responsibility and therefore, the government’s machinery should not ignore it.

He said the caretaker setup had phenomenal challenges but he would make decisions on merit and ensure good governance.

Retired Justice Dost said he had already issued directions for the distribution of powers and on the mechanism for action on them.

“I’ll leave behind a strong legacy of good governance within a short span of time which will serve for the future good governance,” he said.

The CM ordered the removal of obstacles to the BRT project and said in modern times, populations were shifted out of the cities and facilities were created for them there.

He said he had already given direction against the environmental degradation and ensuring availability of drinking waters and improved drain system.

The CM directed the district administration and police to collectively work in reducing the crime rate.

He also directed the heads of public sector institutions to remove obstacles to the smooth, timely, impartial and transparent elections in the province.

Presiding over a meeting of the heads of Bannu division officials and a visit to the area on the first Eid day, he promised the redeployment of Frontier Constabulary in FR Bannu due to the sensitive nature of the division for the smooth holding of the coming general elections.

Justice retired Dost Mohammad also said the government would provide vehicles to the officials of the Election Commission of Pakistan for their respective election duties.

He also promised the provision of ambulances to meet any emergency in elections.

The CM asked departments to follow the principles laid down by the ECP for the coming general elections and remove all obstacles to it.

He also asked the administration to give relief to the people.


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