KARACHI: The US forces seem to be setting up a new military camp in Afghanistan as the required construction material and equipment are being rapidly transported for its early completion, official documents have revealed.

Recently, a vessel loaded with a huge quantity of construction material and allied equipment arrived at Karachi port. As per its import general manifestation (IGM), the imports were made by the United States Army Corps of Engineers Services.

The imports are said to be used for setting up a camp by the name of ‘Camp Shaheen’.

The imported material included 13th partial shipment of a complete power plant (22MW) with standard accessories and essential parts.

It was further disclosed that shipment carried by a vessel, Noble Coral, also supplied design, manufacturing and supply of 220/20-15KV three-phase power transformer for Camp Shaheen substation as per the project specifications.

A large quantity of cold and hot rolled steel sheets — mostly used for construction of military camps — and other equipment like plastic injection moulding machines with standard accessories were also supplied from different world ports.

Similarly, another vessel carrying 208 heavy military vehicles recently arrived at the city’s port. It carried equipment needed for construction work like wheeled excavators, crawler excavators and US diplomatic cargo meant for transshipment to Kabul via Torkham in transit to Afghanistan.

The vessels were loaded at US ports of Jacksonville and Wilmington.

Published in Dawn, December 6th, 2017