KARACHI, Oct 20: Over 100 handicapped children sang songs, danced to the music and had fun for a couple of hours at a an event organized at an elite seaside restaurant on Monday.

The function was organized by the noted artist and social worker, Jimmy Engineer, who under his programme “Fun and Food for the Special Children,” takes around 100 handicapped children to five star hotels and elite city restaurants, at least once a month, so that they can also enjoy.

Speaking on the occasion, the social worker urged the parents of the handicapped children to take them out more often, so that through more interaction with the normal children the communication gap between them could be bridged.

Saying that in the West the governments provided many facilities to the handicapped people, he urged the government to provide better education and training facilities to the handicapped children so that they could lead a normal life and play their due role in the betterment of the society.

He said that being a huge task, the government alone could not handle it, so the philanthropists should also come forward and join hands with the authorities to improve the quality of life of the special children.

He said that through such functions the issues being faced by the special children would be highlighted and the decision makers would be asked to do something to improve the situation.

He said that the organizations working for the handicapped children were doing a noble job and the philanthropists should help these organizations so that they could further expand their services and assist more children.

Shakeel Ahmad of the Salt’n Peeper Village said that when Jimmy Engineer had made the proposal regarding organizing the programme at the restaurant over a couple of years back, the management immediately joined hands with the social worker in this noble cause and he was happy that since then a function is held here every month regularly.

Earlier, the children enjoyed the music and songs presented by the musicians and danced to the popular tunes for over a couple of hours at the function. A magician, Nasir Ahmad Chaudhri, also present many tricks, which were enjoyed by the children.

Children from Ida Rieu School and College for Deaf and Blind, Darul Sukoon, Darul Khushnood, ACELP, Asra, Aagosh participated in the event.