JERUSALEM: Israeli Police stepped up patrols in Jerusalem today [Oct 9] and posted extra guards at public places following last night’s time-bomb discovery in a cinema and clashes between Jewish and Arab youths in the Old City.

The time-bomb was set off by experts on waste land and could have caused serious loss of life if it had exploded in the “Zion Cinema” in the City centre. Shortly after the discovery young Jews entered the Old City, stoning cars and attacking Arab taxi drivers. Some people were injured and damage is recorded.

Eight Jews are to face trial, Police said today. Guards were posted today near Israeli Govern­ment offices, post offices, cinemas and other buildings.

In a bid to avert false alarms on time-bombs Israeli Police headquarters broadcast an appeal to the public not to take large parcels or briefcases to public places or large gatherings.

Some Jordanian Jerusalem Arabs were being questioned about the time-bomb. — Agency

[Meanwhile, as reported by an agency in Saigon,] the South Viet-Namese Ministry of Information has ordered the current issue of the American magazine, “Newsweek”, to be seized because of an article entitled “Their lions, our rabbits”, which is sharply critical of the South Viet-Namese Army [Oct 9].

The title is a quote by an unidentified South Viet-Namese Colonel who said “the Viet-Cong fight like lions, our soldiers like rabbits”.

The Ministry announcement — carried by the South Viet-Nam Press Agency — described the article as “a deliberate and extremely grave offence” on the Armed Forces of South Viet-Nam, and accused the magazine of aiming to “destroy the confidence of the American and Viet-Namese people in the final outcome of their struggle against Communism”. — AFP

Published in Dawn, October 10th, 2017