Afghan Counsel General Abdul Wahid Pohan on Saturday rejected the impression that India's growing interest in Afghanistan has had an affect the Pak-Afghan relationship.

While speaking at an event organised to mark the Afghan International Culture Day in Peshawar, Pohan said that Afghanistan has the right to maintain good diplomatic relations with other countries including India.

“Wherever Pak-Afghan relations come under discussion, everyone blames India,” the Afghan counsel general said.

“Afghanistan also has other neighbours — including Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan — but we have had a strong love and affiliation with the people of Pakistan for decades,” he added.

He said that both Pakistan and Afghanistan have independent diplomatic policies and their relations with other countries do not affect their mutual relationship.

He also said, "The Pak-Afghan relationship is stronger than bonds with other countries and I hope that the relationship will further improve in future."

He said that the love between the people of the two countries has flourished over the years as they enjoy the same culture and lifestyle.

“The people of the both country, Pakistan and Afghanistan should play their role in improving and further deepening the relationship,” he suggested.