Former president and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday slammed what he called the "martial mindset", holding it responsible for the slow pace of development in Pakistan as compared to other countries.

Zardari, addressing a political convention in Dadu held to mark the 40th anniversary of Gen Ziaul-Haq's 1977 military coup against the then PPP-led government, maintained that Pakistan had been unable to progress at par with China and other countries over the last 70 years because it had been governed by a "martial mindset" for 40 years.

Comparing civilian and military governments throughout Pakistan's history, the former president was of the opinion that the "martial mindset" lacked continuity, whereas a "democratic mindset" facilitated it.

"We do not think about the next five years. Instead, we plan while keeping the next 150 to 200 years in mind," he claimed, adding that his party would continue fighting for the survival of democracy in the country.

Terming the PML-N a minor evil, Zardari claimed that had the PPP not empowered the parliament, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would have attempted to become president for life as "no case can be filed against the president."