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Misbah calls for life-time ban on players involved in PSL spot-fixing scandal

Published Mar 19, 2017 02:46pm


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Pakistan Test Captain Misbah-ul-Haq on Sunday said that players involved in spot-fixing scandals should not be allowed to return to the field again.

Speaking to the media about the recent Pakistan Super League (PSL) spot-fixing scandal, Misbah said players involved should be handed a life-time ban so that such incidents do not repeat themselves.

Last week, the Pakistan Cricket Board issued a charge-sheet against opener Shahzaib Hasan and suspended him over allegations of spot-fixing during the PSL. The unit had previously issued notices of charge to four cricketers — batsmen Nasir Jamshed, Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Latif and paceman Mohammad Irfan — in the spot-fixing inquiry.

Misbah said the scandal has been "very disappointing" and rendered pointless the team's efforts to better its image over seven years since the 2010 spot-fixing scandal.

In 2010, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt had agreed to bowl no-balls in return for payment as part of a betting scam in the Lord's Test against England. The players were suspended provisionally by the International Cricket Council and served jail time.

The bans on the three players ended in 2015 and Amir returned to international cricket in 2016.

"We had almost changed the team's image with the tour in England and the performance of the team on and off the field. We revived the team but now it feels like out efforts have been wasted," the captain said.

"We have to rebuild our image," Misbah added.

The widening scandal has taken some of the sheen off the recently-completed PSL, which was hailed as a step towards restoring international cricket after the final in Lahore passed without incident.


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Comments (56) Closed

Fudayl Z. Ahmad Mar 19, 2017 02:54pm

I dont agree that these fixing allegations took the sheen off the PSL. If PCB had not found it out early, then it would have taken the sheen off.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Mar 19, 2017 02:52pm

What else can he say to stay in the lime light and distract attention from the real issue of his dwindling form and depleting capacity to fairly, evenly and squarely lead green-shirts in test matches?

72v Mar 19, 2017 02:58pm

Fully support misbah. Amir was a bad policy. Pcb should even boot Amir now.

surya Mar 19, 2017 02:58pm

What he is saying is absolutely correct. 7 yrs of hard work in the drain

Saif zulfiqar Mar 19, 2017 03:00pm

Mishap is 100% right. Those found guilty of spot fixing scandal, not only be banned for life but also should be jailed. These players are harming the reputation of the whole nation.

Akram Mar 19, 2017 03:14pm

Misbah is right. Nothing else will stop this.

Saleem rizvi Mar 19, 2017 03:10pm

I totally agree with Mishab. Even Mohammad Aamir should be ban for life. No excusses for those who do crimes, when under Pakistan's color and flag.

Wajid Mar 19, 2017 03:17pm

We did mistake allowing Amir back in team and look other took this for granted :(

A gujjar Mar 19, 2017 03:18pm

110% agree with Mishab statement.

Truthful Mar 19, 2017 03:26pm


salman Mar 19, 2017 03:32pm

Will imposing life ban on players will stop stop fixing for ever ? No

Didn't PCB life banned Salim Malik and Attu-e-Rehman in the past and Danish Kaneria just few years back ? Has it stopped players from spot fixing ? The answer is no ? With 20-20 cricket these things will go on especially when so much money is involved in cricket now.

Rahim Mar 19, 2017 03:39pm

I'm sorry to say this that Pakistan cricket hasn't benefited from Mohammed Amir comeback. He shouldn't have been allowed back in the team.

Irfan M Mar 19, 2017 03:39pm

I agree with Misbah.

Kamal Mar 19, 2017 03:39pm

These are young guys, did mistake by not knowing what is right or wrong? As they are poor families, please have human view and let them off as their families depend on their livelihood.

Fahim Khan Mar 19, 2017 03:46pm

So, Miandad was correct!

Ali Mar 19, 2017 03:49pm

Agreed misbah!!

Amer RAo Mar 19, 2017 04:00pm

All Pakistan agreed!

S Mar 19, 2017 04:11pm

This is what happens when you let players like Amir return. This will never serve as deterrent for future players. Also, what education does PCB provide for the players to not indulge in malpractices- probably nothing and that is the result then. Players come from poor backgrounds and can not resist the temptation of making big bucks quickly. Time to set the example and PCB has to educate players before they make their way on to the world stage.

True Pakistani Mar 19, 2017 04:35pm

Misbah rules, I love this guy, thank you for such a great service to our country.

DJ Mar 19, 2017 04:42pm

What he said is 100% right but why this came right before his retirement.What he was thinking before.

aleem Mar 19, 2017 04:48pm

Accountability should start from our leadership first. If there is rampant corruption in the society and common man sees corrupt practices right left and centre, including bribes. nepotism. money laundering, huge assets without any proof of income then it is very difficult to stop such practices among our sportsman. No point in asking these people to be honest when we do not expect out police officers, ministers, political leaders, bureaucrats and others to do the same. Punish the guilty cricketers with life ban and put them in prison but also consider banning the others in the society so that there is a consistent message.

Ths Mar 19, 2017 04:59pm

PSL and IPL ect all have some bookmaker's involved and PSL being in UAE is asking to be fixed.

Jai Pakistan Mar 19, 2017 05:04pm

Drastic measures need to be under taken.To improve image cricket and image of Pakistan. Those players involved and convicted of spot fixing again agreeing with Misbah should face life long ban and not allowed any where cricket is played, minimum 10 year jail time and forfeit all their property . That is the only way to eradicate corruption from Pakistani cricket.

mystreeman Mar 19, 2017 05:03pm

Have the players been proven guilty? Till, they are proven guilty of match fixing such calls for punishments are uncalled for and premature.

azam Kadeer Mar 19, 2017 05:13pm

Sarfraz and Rameez were right when PCB was bringing back Amir. if he was not back we are pretty sure other will not jumped in. same time we must look our self we all need to change our self for betterment of country not just cricketers.

Ahmed Mar 19, 2017 05:31pm

We need another ban on player you crossed age of 35 should be banned

GABBAR IS BACK Mar 19, 2017 06:31pm

people criticising Mohammad aamir should remmeber you can't punish twice for the same crime. He served his sentence. Now people who did it now it will be up to judges whether they say that the players had an example of Mohammad aamir but still players fixed matches so now they should be punished more severely.

Mahendra Singh Mar 19, 2017 06:27pm

He is right, it is essential to raise goodwill for Pak cricket.

Shakil USA Mar 19, 2017 06:28pm

Agreed with Misbah. Greed and what a waste of talent. There is no any short cut. No morals and no self respect.

Joe Mar 19, 2017 07:15pm

If Pakistan can make Amir play why ban others after they complete their punishment.

Syed Mar 19, 2017 07:16pm

Let's not jump to conclusions and life bans yet. There is no verdict passed yet. Wait till they are found guilty and then set whatever punishment is needed. We are trying to create too much hype even before the players are found guilty.

Fatima Mar 19, 2017 07:22pm

I agree

N_Saq Mar 19, 2017 07:55pm

You can not stop fixing/corruption completely. As long as you play the fixing will go side by side. You can though minimize it by paying players good money so that they are not interested in it then punish the one who break the code. If you don't pay good money to a good player then this will never stop (that is why in West good players make millions a year).

Pak people are very emotional. They tend to think with emotions instead of rational.

Follow the rules and guidelines, if the rules dictate life ban so be it but you can't punish someone more than the crime. Punishment should always fit the crime otherwise it is not punishment but cruelty. People think from your head and not from your heart.

omaid ali Mar 19, 2017 08:00pm

@Fatima : Disagreed with Misbah first he retire and do honesty to young talent, his own age is 44. Is this not corruption, bring out dated and expired non material captain in ODI, let start accountability from yourself. what is ur achievement, what benefit u got from PCB.

AXH Mar 19, 2017 09:28pm

To those who are needlessly going after Amir need to realize that he was banned for five years, served jail time and came back ONLY after he was allowed by the ICC. PCB could not have brought him back without clearance from the ICC.

Great Khan Mar 19, 2017 10:23pm

Those who understand cricket and play cricket knows that without Amir u wont be able to beat even Afghanistan,people like Misbah and Hafeez are the same old stories,you are not gone get anywhere with them,Sharjeel is a special player and still young,bring him back after little rehab.

sajan Mar 19, 2017 10:34pm

Who else can be lifetime captain for one semi final

prof_uk Mar 19, 2017 11:30pm

They should be tried and, if found guilty, penalized according to the Law. PCB can make a policy not to select any player guilty of fixing and then act on it.

AG Mar 19, 2017 11:49pm

Yeah, go ahead. Does it make any difference they are already at the end of their career. It won't stop here, you will see new scandal soon since you already have Kamran Akmal and co in the team.

Arif Mar 20, 2017 12:39am

I totally agree with him. These players must be banned for life. I have been saying this all along. This is the result of Board leniency towards Muhammad Amir. We brought him back in th team and we have seen he is no longer the same effective bowler. Losing him could have been far better.

Arif Mar 20, 2017 12:39am

@salman yes it will eventually. Salem and others were at the verge of retirement when they were let go.

Sachbol Mar 20, 2017 12:50am

What else you expect from a corrupt country. Players are reflection of whole nation.

Shan Mar 20, 2017 12:52am

First Pakistani don't invest in their human resource i.e. Pakistani Kids. Pakistan has the worst human development index amongst the world nations with not enough protein in diet for Pakistanis to grow to their full potential and not enough education to guide them with what is right and wrong in life yet they want to apply the laws of the most developed countries.. This will not fix any problems my dear Pakistanis grow up.

waheed khan Mar 20, 2017 12:59am

@salman don't bring danish kaneria into this he is proven innocent from ECB.

Imran Lakhany Mar 20, 2017 01:05am

Misbah is right.... Ban the players for life. They have all the resources and information and they understand what is right and wrong. In case of Mohammad Amir, he was given a benefit of doubt because of his age and he was suspended for 5 years. I think with players provided great amount of info, there is no doubt left

concerned citizen Mar 20, 2017 03:35am

@Saif zulfiqar : I agree with you, so let's start from the Top, put Nawaz and his family behind the bars. Next, put Sethi behind bars for corruption and rest will work out on its own. We are quick to use the scapegoat and forget the core issue here.

Shakil Ahmed Mar 20, 2017 04:28am

lifetime bans plus some time in prison will serve them very right!

Jaredlee67 Mar 20, 2017 08:24am

First comes performance then comes image. Tough decisions should be made to uphold principles and not just to promote image. If image is the guiding factor then PCB is focusing more on face saving than on promoting meritocracy. And a humble suggestion to Misbah; your silence carries more meaning and mystery than your verbal statements.

Seriously Mar 20, 2017 08:34am

Well Kamran Akmal and Amir Shehzad and Hafeez --- They pulled it off. Good going folks. Our fate in Cricket is sealed.

Younus Khan Mar 20, 2017 08:57am

100% agreed with Misbah

rao abid Mar 20, 2017 09:29am

well said by great test team batsman !!!

Ranjan Mar 20, 2017 09:35am

@salman knowing very well that the hair on our head will grow again.. do we stop going for a regular hair cut...So the point is, it will (the ban) definitely work as a deterrent for the borderline cases who are thinking of fixing matches but have fears of a ban may be a life time one...

Salman Mar 20, 2017 09:38am

Every one deserves a second chance in life. A repeated offence however may lead to a life time ban.

Mudassar Mar 21, 2017 03:37pm

He should be given life ban foe destroying OdI team with his Tuck Tuck and defensive approach. He single handedly has lost so many matches for Pakistan.

Desi Mar 21, 2017 09:07pm

@Kamal These are not young boys, they are grown adults. They knew what is right and what is wrong and knew exactly what they were doing. They deserved to be banned for life. New players will never learn if these four are pardoned and allowed to play again.

Babar Mar 21, 2017 10:03pm

Better to concentrate on your game. This is not your platform. If have the courage raise voice against those cricketers who have in past been found guilty in fact the real culprits to seed spot fixing and have the liberty to work at serious post in PCB.