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Khattak warns against ‘Pakhtuns profiling’

Updated Mar 08, 2017 09:00am


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LAHORE: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak has said no one is more Pakistani than the Pakhtuns and he will not tolerate any discrimination to them.

Speaking to a gathering by the Pakhtoon Welfare Organisation here on Tuesday, Mr Khattak said Pakhtuns were Pakistani and considered Punjabis, Baloch and Sindhis their brothers.

He criticised the Punjab government’s decision to register Pakhtuns, saying that the Pakhtuns would not accept any discrimination and would get themselves registered when Punjabis, Sindhis and Baloch were also registered.

“Is Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is more Pakistani than us?” he asked.

“We should not be pushed against the wall, or we become rebels,” he warned.

Stating that the PML-N government was penalising Pakhtuns just because they were the members/supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, he asserted that he would himself write to the interior ministry about the discrimination being meted out to the Pakhtuns in Punjab.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister said the PML-N government was raising slogans of unity in the country but actually the Pakhtuns were being sent behind bars for no offence.

He said the Pakhtuns themselves were the victims of terrorism.

Pervaiz Khattak said the Pakhtuns felt more pain than anybody else, whenever there was a terror activity.

Published in Dawn, March 8th, 2017


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Comments (62) Closed

SSH Mar 08, 2017 09:06am

Pakhtuns are our brothers ; Without an iota of doubt, they are better Pakistanis than us.

shah Mar 08, 2017 09:04am

100% correct.

Mujtaba Mar 08, 2017 09:12am

These are our so called leaders who will bring change in our system. Grow Up PTI!

majid Mar 08, 2017 09:25am

Punjab Govt is treading the dangerous path. It will face its dire consequences if not amended right away.

Faisal Mar 08, 2017 09:33am

Well said sir

mmirza Mar 08, 2017 09:34am

Aay it outright. You don't mean Rebels, something else . Right. No body is profiling anybody so just calm down.

i2i Mar 08, 2017 09:53am

The worst so called pukhtun profiling is going on for last many years in FATA and KPK itself if mr khattak knew this?

SYed Mar 08, 2017 09:55am

Please stop ugly politics. Instead of thinking for just Pakhtuns, once think for wellbeing of entire Pakistan. People coming from other parts and causing problems in Karachi and Lahore. How long will someone keep it quiet ?? Why cannot follow law and order ? Bringing guns to every dispute - is this civilised behaviour ??

Shawn A Mar 08, 2017 10:02am

Phastoons are our brothers, this guys does not speak for phastoons, sorry sir you need to grow up do not try to score politics points. Get the terroists no matter who they are regardless what their Ethnic background.

Ghaznavi Mar 08, 2017 10:13am

Everyone is so pathetic . Rather than working together they start threatening each other. Height of immaturity no wonder the country is mess.

Amjad Mar 08, 2017 10:17am

PTI is showing ethnicity just like all other political parties of Pakistan.

Fahd Mar 08, 2017 10:22am

100% Agree, either law should be for all or not have it at all. As a non-Pashtun Pakistani i am against singling out Pashtun.

ahmad khan Mar 08, 2017 10:22am

well, one of the biggest problem in this country, is that, greed supercedes discipline. if we, you , he or she any pakistani, have not committed crime, we dont need to be afraid of anything. what is the harm in mentioning your name and whereabout to government authority. dont you mention your name and whereabout to mobile phone companies, bank, and anyone who come across you, so what is the harm in getting registered. the statement of mr. khattak, will cause further indiscipline, and politics based on greed

Dr.Arshad Mar 08, 2017 10:38am

@Mujtaba ........Fully agreed. Such leadership resorts to cheap tactics and raise non issues. He is playing NAP/ ANP's card.Pakistan's western border need to be secured and managed properly.period.

Awan Mar 08, 2017 10:41am

Punjab government has clarified many times that no profiling is taking place. All Pukhtoons are living peacefully in Punjab. But Punjab bashing is a fashion and that is what Mr Khattak is doing right now.Punjab welcomes everyone but in the end bashing us is considered a norm. Also PTI has no option left and Ethnic politics can save them in the next election and Mr Imran and co know that. They are just turning out to be the toned down version of ANP and nothing else.

Fs Mar 08, 2017 11:08am

Watch what are you saying that could be bad for the country

Maqsood Mar 08, 2017 11:07am

We are expecting same reaction from other pashtune leaders also

Pakhtun Mar 08, 2017 11:25am

PTI is a party of loose cannons..............

AW Mar 08, 2017 11:27am

Profiling of Pakhtuns by the Punjab government needs to stop immediately and needs to be condemned in the strongest terms for the sake of national unity. KP chief Minister's demands in regards to this matter make absolute sense

JAN BAHADAR Mar 08, 2017 11:28am

Looks like Trump is inspiring Punjab leaders. Are they planning to start building some 100 ft high wall between KPK and Punjab, just to create chance for selling some more steel? The financiers must be Gog Magog because the only way for them to continue their end game job is to contain Pushtoons behind a similar melted steel wall which confined for 1000s of years.

abdulazizansari Mar 08, 2017 11:29am

@Awan Its present policy of Punjab govt. Eating peanuts and telling its almonds. Its going on ferociously, Police is being used for the purpose, Those who order police to be strictly single out Pashtoons are telling Calm down, its not the official policy. All these mafia wants is that Pashtoons leave their business for cheap for them to grab it.

Atif Mar 08, 2017 11:45am

@SYed Rightly said. Pakhtuns r our brothers without iota of doubt but then creating troubles and helping facilitators is not justified. Pakhtuns have businesses all over Pakistan and there is no No Go Area for them. But please understand the situation and don't play dirty politics Khatak Sab.

Atif Mar 08, 2017 11:42am

@Awan 100%

Khan zada Mar 08, 2017 12:35pm

PTI is loosing all moral grounds and now they have started the dirty politics and following the path of ANP. Terrorist is a terrorist, no matter he belongs to Punjab or KPK. We have to clean our country from terrorist to save our generations..

Riaz Khan Mar 08, 2017 12:35pm

Instead of profiling any race in the country the Punjab police and Govt should focus on well trained and corruption free police. I strongly suggest that the Punjab Govt should change their attitude before it's too late. We already have lost one side of the country.

Shaukat Ali Khan Mar 08, 2017 12:32pm

Stop false propaganda for political purposes please.

Sheroo Mar 08, 2017 12:36pm

I can't believe how can a responsible person like Chief Minister speaks in such an un responsible way. This is unfortunate state of leadership in the country, I am disgusted.

Ghaznavi Mar 08, 2017 12:37pm

No profiling of any Pakistanis. One for all and all for one. Pakistan zindabad. Stop distinguishing between people of different provinces . Should just be referred to as Pakistanis .

Muhammad zafran Mar 08, 2017 12:46pm

@mmirza profiling is at its peak sir. Ask any working pakhtoon working in punjab ... may be there are some whom due to any influence would have evaded it bt its at its peak at large.

Saif zulfiqar Mar 08, 2017 12:43pm

Khatak should creat more jobs and make the province more safe so that his people do not leave the place of their ancestors.

Rashid Mar 08, 2017 01:15pm

@Awan then don't steal KPK gas ,electricity, water, forests and all other resources and draw alternative rout for CPEC.

M.Sethi Mar 08, 2017 01:28pm

Not at all a healthy agenda for the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan, on which the PTI leadership is apparently working on these day's to retain vote bank in KPK.

Faisal Mar 08, 2017 01:25pm

Another disappointment from PTI.

Ansari11 Mar 08, 2017 01:47pm


Protecting an ethnicity is not being ethnic or discriminatory but the one who is showing discrimination and victimizing an ethnicity is, which is PMLN. Have some sense!

Khan Mar 08, 2017 01:53pm

Woh take it easy Khattak Sahib, frankly question here is not Punjabi or Phuktun - problem is one way traffic sense 1947. You need to differentiate between Pak-phuktun verses Afghan-phuktun. In fact all Afghan Phuktun should live "under fense" asylum seekers or not. They cannot claim their birth right to live n walk where ever they want in Pakistan terrotery. Lastly, please stop using medival threatening language on such matter - Pinjab is not the same as it was in 1947, they also know how to protect their interest. Thank you

Kam Mar 08, 2017 02:03pm

I have no sympathy for Afghanis regardless they are pushto or french speaking. Khattak is competing with ANP and that is what happened when you do nothing and prep for coming elections.

Haseeb Mar 08, 2017 02:03pm

another ANP is on rise,, good going PTI. ,,, we are against racial profiling, but ll not allow politicians to do politics on it,

Asif A Shah Mar 08, 2017 02:28pm

I am a staunch supporter of equality before law. Nobody should be discriminated against. Everybody has a right to earn a living wherever his/her fortune may take that person. However, Punjab also has a right to ask its inhabitants to follow the laws no matter who they are. It is my understanding that the Pakhtuns were questioned by the Punjab Police regarding their genuine identity cards only. Punjab Police has no choice but to maintain data on its inhabitants for the security reasons. Anybody who is a law abiding person does not have to worry about his/her legal stay in Punjab. Mr. Pervaiz Khattak's veiled threat against the authorities is not warranted. As a Chief Minister of KP which has a long and porous border with an unstable Afghanistan he should be more responsible in his choice of words.

Alien Mar 08, 2017 02:42pm

I am sick of this discrimination from both KPK and Punjab .. Hazara is suffering most .. If person from hazara goes to Lahore , lahoree call him pathan and if same person goes to peshawar from hazara they call him " the punjabian" when this will stop...

Rizwan Mar 08, 2017 03:01pm

Least expected from Mr PK is to behave like a CM and not a leader of a separatist movement hell bent on throwing hollow threats. Entire country saw what u were capable of at burhan interchange hence stop trying to be the only representative of Pakhtuns. There are far better Pakhtun leaders. U r merely a PTI leader and nothing more.

Junaid Mar 08, 2017 02:59pm

What he said we'll become rebels? Law enforcement agencies should immediately take action against this guy for this statement

Hadi Mar 08, 2017 03:05pm

Fake letter circulated on social media, and yet you continue to play with fire Mr Khattak you and your party are the biggest threat to the sanity of the urban inhabitants of this land

S.Ali k Mar 08, 2017 03:12pm

Afghanis are pushtoon too and very brave but there is also few trouble makers..registering is not bad. Don't make a big deal out of it.

Omer Mar 08, 2017 03:09pm

When these corrupt politicians (Righty, lefty or any) have no issue then they start dividing people on the basis of origin, language, and culture. This time all Punjabis should vote PTI, MQM and PPPP and all Pakhtuns should vote N, PPPP and all Sindhis should vote ANP, N, PTI. Come on Mr. Khattaak and Sahabaz.... Don't play with innocent Pakistanis..

S.Ali k Mar 08, 2017 03:17pm

Khattak saab. Asfandiyar wali already saI'd that a couple of weeks ago..find sone thing else...

Rizwan Mar 08, 2017 03:50pm

Awan, cant agree more. Punjab bashing has gone on for too long and as a Karachite, i urge and request all to stop bashing or making generalised comments. Its our lovely country and every part of it should always remain dear to us and v must all cherish it. We must note that our neighbour despite being society divided upon divided on caste, you hardly see any indian pointing finger at another cause of his ethnic or caste origin whereas our religion unites us as one as such v are and shud behave better than our neghbour

zak Mar 08, 2017 04:16pm

Registering is for cornering TTP, not profiling pushtuns. Such a high member should not turn it into ethnic issue. It harms the nation.

Azmeen Mar 08, 2017 04:19pm

Pakhtoons are our brothers & sisters. No negative politics on this issue.

Iftikhar Husain Mar 08, 2017 04:42pm

I fully support the CM for his statement.

Princess Mar 08, 2017 05:00pm

How much pakhtuns are loved ask Afridi younis khan and Zalmi and visit punjab and see there is no such racial thing here.There can be either productive politics or destructive politics.Now PTI is doing only destructive politics which is very ugly side of it. They are following the footsteps of MQM. If they do not stop, in next election they will restrict themselves only to KPK. Spreading hatred to reatin KPK votebank will take PTI nowhere.Most operstions have been and are stil going on in KPK and FATA which are Pakhtun dominant areas. Does it mean all that against Pashtuns? Why PTI dont talk abt them?

iffi Mar 08, 2017 05:09pm

1000 % agreed with mr khattak .... these so called panama brothers/ leaders should avoid any discrimination against pashtoons rather any one ...

jawaid Mar 08, 2017 05:12pm

During last PTI protest, this man warned to file FIR against Punjab police for stopping their disruptive march to Islamabad. This was the height of ignorance and against logic.

Rather than uniting people and creating harmony, he is trying to do the opposite.

iffi Mar 08, 2017 05:20pm

Amazed to see these so much negative comments against khattak sb ... he is just asking to stop discrimination against pashtoons rather any one... whats wrong with that ....

These bothers alongwith rana are spreading hatred to divert attention from panama issue ...

iffi Mar 08, 2017 05:31pm

@Mujtaba If the panama brothers can then anyone can ... imran khan is the only option after seeing this panama issue ...

iab Mar 08, 2017 05:46pm

Enough betrayal, the Nation is waiting for Supreme Court for the Panama verdict.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Mar 08, 2017 05:49pm

Profiling or no profiling, as a politician who was a member of the former President Musharraf party as well, what else can he say?

Tou Mar 08, 2017 05:54pm

@SYed It's lack of justice that brings guns to the table not ordinary citizens. Everyone wants guns cause they think Might is right. Nawab sharif just want to distract ppl from the real issues so he could enjoy his time in power and plunder in peace.

Najum Mar 08, 2017 05:57pm

A residence permit system should be implemented for the Pakhtun community, who want to work in Sindh and Punjab.

I fully support this process. Emotions should be kept out of the sphere of public safety.

Raja farhat abbas Mar 08, 2017 08:41pm

@Khan ...Good comment,agree with you 100%

Akhtar Mar 09, 2017 12:39am

IK, a dictator, will be worst if he ever, ever, ever comes to power.

IMRAN Mar 09, 2017 12:48am

@Najum nice I really like and accept Your comment

WAHEEDKHATTAK Mar 09, 2017 10:10am

Sir don't give political loyal to Pakistan not just to single political party .yes, it has reality ,Punjab provincial government teased a lot the pukhtuns which is not good for national integrity. We must be Pakistani before Punjabi,pukhtun,Sindhi,Baluchi's and Kashmir's or having affiliation with political party .